Young Love

Can you believe these little groms made it to midnight to ring in the New Year last night?
We even did a fake ball drop around 9:30.

We were a little nervous to break in their boards for the first time on 6 hours of sleep – – –  uhh hello, they ARE NATURALS. But wait. Why am I surprised again?!? They are Jon Parrish offspring. Sometimes I forget how humble he is. Thrilled I got 2 seasons of skiing with these sweeties before they officially turned to the dark side. The boys have always known that Jon prefers to snowboard. Jonah’s growing feet needed some new boots + he wasn’t about to get new ski boots.  Snowboard or BUST. The deed is done + I blame all the time at the skate park last year. Uncle Jenson is going to be soo mad. Ha!
True Story: Jon + I’s first official 1 on 1 date was up to The Canyons Ski Resort. I ended up snowboarding because I hurt my stupid knee on a sledding date the week before + I wanted to tough it out. He told me he hadn’t really been snowboarding before so I wasn’t nervous. Half way down our first run he told me to “wait right here, but hold really still”(sitting on the ground) ??? He promised he’d be right back? HE JUMPED OVER ME WITH HIS BOARD ON FLAT ON THE GROUND. He also busted out a double backflip, managed to wrestle me down the bunny hill, introduce me to steamers + lit a candle in the car on the way home. All in a day’s work. Seeing him in his element reminded me why I fell in love with him. Cheesy but TRUE. Like whoa. He’s humble. Patient. Kind. + will certainly kill me when he reads this because SAPPY is not on his list. He’s easy to love. He’s also known I’ve been dreaming of skiing with my own kids for a long long time, so he supported/supports is 100%.  But if I’m being honest, after swallowing my pride + coming to grips with my BOY LIFE reality, I really kinda honestly loved watching this scene today.
Jon was in his element, I was crushing hard. Some things never change! 🙂 They left with big plans to build a jump off of our shed together next winter. WISH ME LUCK. Cheers to a NEW YEAR + many more days in the mountains this year! xx


  1. Krista January 2, 2018

    what a great first day of 2018!! one those boys won’t soon forget ☺️♥️

  2. Paige Flamm January 2, 2018

    How cute are those baby snowboards? I die.


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