Winter Town

“Like winterton, but a wuhh sound.” – JonahThe boys had a little Christmas tree in their room at our old house. But somehow along the way we lost a couple of our moving bins + haven’t been able to find them anywhere. Which is both a relief + a pain because they haven’t let it go. I’ve been trying hard to be content with the things we already have because I know this space is tight + temporary + next year we’ll want different crap. Meanwhile, they took matters into their own hands.Taking more time to let the kids be kids + messes be messes. Feels good ya know?
One of my more genius mom hacks was to ditch the directions from Lego!!!
Jonah is a perfectionist. He likes to do things well + correctly. The incredible finished product image on the box ignites the situation every. dang. time. Don’t get me wrong, I think the instructions totally come in handy, as it helps teach kids to follow instructions step by –  probably don’t throw them away completely? 🙂 But just know that I fully support thinking outside of the box whenever possible. Do it their way. I am working to create an environment for my kids to thrive in creativity as well.

Christmas Cards from dear friends have started to trickle in + line our kitchen. Jonah asked me if we were going to mail them our own to friends? I told him most likely not. His response? This:
“If we make our beds every day until Christmas before you ask, can I mail snowflakes to everyone we know?”
Kid has life figured OUT.
Sure thing, pal!
The real struggle is to keep your finished projects safe. Jack the Slamma gets his hands on them + it’s game over. Kid can crush masterpieces faster than our garbage disposal could.  But we still love him. Wishing you a Merry one week before Christmas. Currently accepting any + allllll LEGO storage ideas! Jack’s feet will thank you. He’s the only one brave enough to go over the piles rather than around. xx
PS: If you’re new to LEGO, or wanting to know which products fit for what age, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned! We bought LEGO for Jonah’s first Christmas if I remember right (along with a basketball hoop + strider bike) hahahahaha jump the gun much? We still get a good laugh over that.

A few starter sets that I’d recommend if you’re introducing LEGO for the first time:
TRAIN any of the Duplo LEGO products are good. These are the ones I grew up with!
BATMAN: But once again, I highly recommend letting them figure out how to make a Batman look cool without the play by play. 🙂 Call me crazy.


  1. Morgan Stone December 20, 2017

    So so sweet!!! I might just get our big box of legos out today!! ❤️❤️ Oooh and can I have a snowflake?? 😋 such a cute little dude!

  2. Carla December 20, 2017

    Funny story, my husband (totally color inside the lines guy) once tried to glue the first Lego set together. After years of battling him, he finally figured out the real joy of Lego building is the creativity. After that, I led a class for two years called “creative Lego building” with only a weekly theme to guide each child! Their works were amazing! Keep up the creativity! The joy of Lego is still with my 14 year old due to this philosophy.

  3. Tamra McMahon December 20, 2017

    Brilliant idea and beautiful pics. Thank you


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