Weekly Lemonade

S W E E T S: summmmmerrrrrrr | alt summit | sleepovers with ky 4 nights in a row | “Hey Grandpa, where is my family?” | coming home from family reunion to a spotless house. thanks again, mom | listening to joy cho speak | pace popsicles | hands free mama – i think the world would be a better place if everyone took the time to read this book | new friends | not knowing how to spend our new target gift cards with mom ky + dann | family reunion in Boise: including the temple + the pride fair that left us sitting in traffic for 45 minutes | first day of summmmmmmer | swig sugar cookies at alt | new business plans, new dreams, new goals WRITTEN down – this is huge for me | “Haaaaands, haaaands, hands!” Jonah while stretching over as far as he can to get riggins to hold his hand in the car seat | michelangelo popsicle at the lake | family goal brainstorm session on the back of our pizza box | shelby moving back to utah | “mom take my picture” — “hold on boyyyzzz” – jonah jon 

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on.

S O U R S: being away from the kids all week | growing pains in jonah’s legs + arms at night  | scary monster dreams again | business card printing chaos + not having them done in time for alt | riggins eating sand at the beach | missing young women | my shellac skills | “please stop talking. you’re turn is over” – Jonah from the back seat on the way to Boise | earthquake – say whaaaa?! | deleted snapchap – can’t decide which list this belongs on | my email inbox | jonah’s habit of saying freaking | deleting pictures off of my camera because there isn’t enough room – how am i already back up to 6,800? | not unpacking from our trip before it’s time to start packing again 

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