Staying connected while disconnecting

I’d say we are pretty laid back parents.
But when it comes to schoolwork – – – work before play! ALWAYSSS.

We’ve partnered with ACER to make those homework moments happen, even while making sure the boys explore this beautiful world.

With all we have on our plate lately, weekends are pretty much my saving grace.
I love disconnecting from the outside world, shutting down + reconnecting
with my best friends.
If I had to guess, I’d say a big reason why people don’t go camping or get out/disconnect often is because of inconvenience.¬† ¬†Or people relying on you back home to keep things afloat? Who knows?
We have found more joy in our little camper trailer this summer than anywhere else.
Honing in on the right products that make getting away a LOT less work, has been a total game changer.

I intentionally seek products that will withstand wear + tear
of our three wild life-filled boys!
Acer Spin3 has surpassed the durability test this summer
+ has allowed Jonah, along with the rest of us, to not fall behind while living on the go.

Jon + I  are both self employed,
so we often need to stay connected back home.
The Spin 3 has become our key to living the best of both worlds.
We can be connected however closely we want to be,
while still being away.
Ya know’msayin?

The wide screen (which flips a 180 will stand on it’s own)
has been perfect for the “learning hands” in our family.
I appreciate it’s durability + have enjoyed watching¬†our boys fall in love with¬†studying.
Ask me again when high school rolls around.

When I found out Jack was a girl,
“OH GREAT, now all the things in our house are ALWAYS going to be broken.”
was pretty much the first initial thought that popped into my mind.
But surprisingly enough, the Spin 3 is the least of my worries.
It’s durability is unmatched.

Funny story:¬†The second week into kindergarten was Jonah’s first week with homework. Neither Jon nor I could figure out what the teacher was asking him to do. I wrote on a sticky note for his sweet teacher to clarify for us – – – but I think it fell out before he got there – – – he brought his packet back home because it was incomplete.

We work hard to limit screen time in our home.
Technology plays a big role in our life.
We’ve tried hard to make big strides in the right direction.
We’ve hit study habits right on the head right out of the gate.
We have fingers crossed learning continues to be a source of positivity.

No play without finishing homework packet! This is samesies all across the board. Whether we are home or in the mountains!
I consider myself a pretty laid back parent,
but when it comes to screen time,
I’m not so bubbly if they don’t keep¬†their world. ūüėČ

3 quick camping tips to make camping easier with kids: 

1. Grocery shop on the way to the canyon:¬†Leave the kids in the car with your husband + take your sweet uninterrupted time ūüôā We like to eat tinfoil pizza pockets, put strawberries on our smores, + roast starburst.¬† I usually plan for dinner, breakfast + lunch the following day.

2. Pack one bag for alllll of you.
Think in layers!
Right now is an exceptions because the air is getting crisp. I bring more layers + coats + jackets, etc. But the remainder of the year – – -the lighter we pack the better.
The only thing worse than regular laundry is CAMPING laundry. 

3. Load a movie onto your Computer before you lose service:
Reason 29 of 100 why we love¬†Acer! We have been watching movies to fall asleep now that the temps are dropping.¬†It’s too cold to do much else outside of the trailer once the sun goes down. These simple memories are¬†ones that I’ll long for one day, I just know it.

A few of our favorite camping movies:

– Matlida
– The Nightmare Before Christmas
– Sandlot
– The Big Green

If it were up to me, I’d be disconnected every single weekend
from now until the end of time.

Thanks for following along with our camping adventures this summer! If you have any questions about camping with littles or ACER, please feel free to reach out.


  1. Paige Flamm November 10, 2017

    These pictures are beautiful! You have such a lovely family!


  2. Haley K November 11, 2017

    Durability with a crew of growing boys is key! That Acer tablet looks awesome! And cheers to encouraging finishing work first, making for even better play. You’re making cherished memories together! And Ging these pictures, childhood magic!

  3. Tegan November 22, 2017

    Great post! I would love to know more about your camper/trailer! Seems like it would be compact and the styling is ūüĎćūüŹľ.


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