Spoonfuls of Love + a GIVEAWAY

Jack + I are finally finding our footing now that the big brothers are in school.
Isn’t it so weird that once they start, they’ll be in school pretty much the rest of the time they are under our roof? I already miss the days of the sky is the limit, but am so proud of the boys. THEY LOVE SCHOOL! And we look forward to hearing about their adventures the minute they get home. Jack! This happy boy gets #ALLTHEHEARTEYES from me!
He’s my best friend, he just toddles around with me all the day long.

If he had it his way, he’d eat sun up to sun down! We are the same like that.
As a parent do you ever get nervous to introduce new foods to your little kiddos?

 I got lucky with the older boys but we have a few close friends with severe food allergies + I am more aware now that I have been in the past! I’ve been shedding light on a new product, SpoonfulOne  especially supporting this stat:

Food allergies are a big and growing problem affecting 6 million children in the United States, or approximately two kids in every classroom among school-aged children. (Jonah’s kindergarten class has 4)

SpoonfulOne created a product for parents like me – – – seeking an easy solution to train little tummies for new foods – before foods become allergens.

SpoonfulOne comes packaged in pre-measured single-serving packets like I showed above – makes it super easy to mix into whatever you’re serving for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
It is designed for children without a diagnosed food allergy as early as 6 months of age + included as a regular part of their diet as they grow.

So SpoonfulOne basically includes gentle servings of the foods
responsible for 90% of food allergies. GENIUS.
The texture is great for infants + toddlers.
It’s manufactured responsibly in the United States! NICE! 

I love the way Jack’s face lights up when the big boys get home from school.
He claps when he gets excited. He won’t let them leave his sight.
Will this ever wear off? DO NOT ANSWER THAT.

We are spending as much time outside as possible before the snow arrives!

 We are exploring new parks around us.
The prepackaged SpoonfulOne come in handy with our after-school park traditions!
Easy to grab-n-go + mix in quick. 

Wish I would have known about this with the older boys.
Luckily Jack has been our best eater thus far!
I find peace of mind with SpoonfulOne as I introduce new foods to him.

There aren’t many skateparks around us now.
Which has naturally forced Jonah to bomb bigger hills in unfamiliar territory.
He’s freakin crazy brave so I just smile + nod, pretending I’m not freaking out inside.

I loved jumping out of my dad’s red pickup into our leaf pile growing up.
Crunchy leaves + crisp air is N O S T A L G I C for me!

I’m super excited to partner with SpoonfulOne to give away a
ONE YEAR SUPPLY of SpoonfulOne 
to one lucky mama! #BOOOOMSHACKALACKA

To enter, simply follow the instructions below:


This post is sponsored by SpoonfulOne. All opinions are my own.


  1. Molly Garvin October 13, 2017

    Love this post! Also — your hat is the cutest!! Is it sold in the shop?

    • Ginger Parrish October 17, 2017

      Molly – – – sooooooon my friend. Not quite yet, but stay tuned! It is getting so close! 🙂 xx


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