Promptly Journals

I’m absolutely elated to release our collaboration with Promptly Journals!
We’ve been working together on these designs all summer + seeing them come to life has been a truly humbling experience.
This project lives deep, near the softest parts of my heart  + I really hope your family enjoys them as much as ours does! 

Is your memory sharp as a pin? Yaaaa mine either.
I think I read as much as I do to try to compensate? Who knows!
But I’ve always been told that when you write things down
you’re more likely to remember it.
Butttuhhhh do you think they took #mombrain into consideration here? Lets get real.

As our family grows, the further down the corn hole my memory falls.
But Promptly Journals are designed to make it easy to step up to the plate with documenting the little everyday moments. You could catch up once a year if you wanted to. 🙂
(They also have a couple story telling journal that I’m hoping to get Jon for Christmas. SOOOOO GOOD, but I’ll save that post for another day!

I’ve kept a running “list of gratitidue” since junior year in high school.
This is my KEY to living a positive life.
I love that Promptly Journals parallels the positive mindset
that I genuinely strive towards every single day.
I’ve watched it trickle into my parenting beliefs subconsciously.
The way I view my kids. The hiccups. The melt downs. The tears. But more importantly JOY, sprinkled about allllllll along our way.
There are a million little things to celebrate throughout the day. We just need to keep our hearts turned to the right perspective, ya know? Life is too short for a heavy heart.


We designed 3 journals, one for each silly boy.

It was fun to let the boys give their input. I took their bits of their personalities into consideration when choosing the textures + colors. Don’t worry, it was also important to keep them gender friendly – – – so we tried hard to hit the best of both worlds.
Do you think I’ll ever be adding a girl color to the mix? Please don’t answer that.

One thing I love about my kids is their individualize spirits.
Each is unique in it’s own special way. Kids come with a personality farrr beyond anything we could ever teach them, would you agree?
Crazy amazing how different they all are – – – ALL while being parented the same across the board?! Makes me laugh.
I like to blame the moody bad days on Jon – – – of course I’d never teach my kids to act like that. 😉

Taking little notes along the way, has genuinely helped me organize my jumbled mental tabs. I’ve also seen a shift in my view on memory making. Moments are intentional. Memories are genuine.

Their personalities are legit blooming.
If you can’t tell through photos, come spend an afternoon in our home.
I don’t want to forget any of it. ANNNNY of it.
But I know I will + I know I’ll miss it.
Each of them excel in different things,
they are growing at different rates + are into lots different things.
I’d love to be able to show their children what they were like at their same age.


  Life is full of light, full of highs + plenty of lows + I want to be able to flip open my memories + remember exactly as they are right NOW. 

Journaling can be overwhelming. I get it. It’s not for everyone.
Promptly Journals are a little different though.
They’ve created intentional, thoughtful “Prompts” that help soooo much with this.
No blank intimidating pages.
You’re able to jot down anything from the nitty gritty details to the basics.
There is room for you to write to remember however much your heart desires.
No pressure, easy to catch up. I LOVE THIS!

I lean towards sharing the way the boys make me feel. The things I adore. The silly lines they say. Dates they hit different milestones. Brave moments. Can you imagine what a gift this will be to them someday when they aren’t under my wing? Gives me chills!

If there is one gift I give at every baby shower from here on out – – – this is it! I love that you’re able to document your entire pregnancy as well as the delivery + then on up to EIGHTEEN years old. That feels like eternity away, but I know it will be here before I know it.

Earlier this year, I transferred Jonah + Roo’s  baby books over to their own PJ’s.
1, 2, 3 lined up in sync on the book shelf in our living room. #TEARS
I was surprised by how many details I could remember on my own, as well as surprised by how many I had already forgotten.

Jack is OBSESSED with making us laugh.
Especially his older brothers.

PJ helps keep a consistent painting of the little daily pictures in one place.
I know that Jonah walked on July 2nd,
Can’t wait to bust out their baby books when they are teenagers + get into a fist fight. Do boys do that? Ha! Start the “MOM” eyerolls now I guess. I’m stoked to read about the times in life when they were all each other had.
All they knew + THEY LOVED IT.
They are best friends right now, I know it will fluxuate in life, but I pray this bond they share as brothers never ever changes.

The prompts make journaling a breeeeeze.
+ still look #shelfie worthy between writing days. .
Whether you are seasoned or not, I think writing down your birth story for your kids to read back on someday when they are having their own children, is truly one of the greatest gifts of all.

I’d love to send one to every single mother I know.
I would if I could!
If you’d like to stock up for yourself, for early Christmas gifts, or baby showers, etc – – –
The colors we designed are available in limited quantities for 10% OFF until midnight on October 10!
Use promo code GINGER10 for your discount when you shop:
P R O M P T L Y J O U R N A L S 



I’d love to hear what you think!  What color is your favorite? I’d love to hear any feedback you’ve got! xx
USE CODE: Ginger10 for 10% off for the next 24 hours on Promptly Journals!

All photos taken by JaqueLynn Photography. AKA the most endearing, stunnnnning red haired pregnant mother on earth. Beautiful home cred : @thefamfielding


  1. Molly Garvin October 10, 2017

    Ginger!! These photos are too precious + all three books are gorgeously designed. Good job mama!

    • Ginger Parrish October 17, 2017

      Molly girl, you are so kind! Thank you for the encouragement! xx

  2. Jessi October 10, 2017

    I love your simple modern style. Where are some of your favorite places to shop for furniture? Where is your couch, coffee table and rug in your kids room from?

    • Ginger Parrish October 17, 2017

      Jessi – – – you are so sweet! This beautiful home is not ours! It belongs to Beth + Landon Fielding. They are the kindest couple with incredible taste. I will try to hunt down sources then get back to you!

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    • Ginger Parrish October 17, 2017

      Thanks! xx


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