Parrish Family Code

I came home from dinner last night with Bre to a new code that “can’t ever be broken until the end of time”.  I had nothing to do with it — yet I support it with every fiber of my being.

Respect others,
Take care of your brothers,
Never lie to your mother.

Jon is the very very best dad for our little family. I love his heart + the way he’s making respect a priority in our home. I hope the boys turn out EXACTLY like him. Aren’t they lucky I convinced him to marry me? 🙂

Dress : Sonnet James 

These images were taken by Sami Jo Photography.  I freakin love that girl!

4th of July in Midway

 We started our day off at the Ward BBQ. It’s been going for who knows how many years + the bishopric always comes back to cook for everyone. We love our ward so much! Can’t bring ourselves to start saying goodbyes yet.

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