3 ways an effortless treasure hunt made me a better mother

Over the weekend we treasure hunted.
It’s been on our #parrishfambucketlist for forever.
But this time it was different.

We set aside 2 hours. (obviously didn’t tell them that) + turned off distraction.
Turned off work.
Turned off the life that they don’t really even know exists?
Isn’t that a mind blowing¬†thought?
We let the boys make allll the rules.
Jonah has been putting together letters to make words at school, so believe me when I tell you watching him make the treasure map that WE ACTUALLY FOLLOWED, was absolutely priceless. I cried a few times. Surprised?

2. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN KISS IT: I often think social media is ruining all of us. Damaging many of our relationships. Or maybe I should step back + speak for myself. Where are our intentions? I want to remember everyyy detail of my kids lives, but is that just a lame excuse masked behind “intention” or do I really mean it? Life is often different in my journal, so is this how I realllllly feel when I snap 89 photos of the same scene?! #heartdrop NOTE TO SELF: Actions speak louder than words. Especially to kids.
Moments like these remind me that I gotta shape up. I went to a lunch meeting with with Mel Robbins (author of 5 second rule) a few weeks back¬† +¬† when she flat out told us to¬† STOP TAKING NOTES if we really wanted to start learning – – –¬† I was like whoaaaa. You’re on to something woman. Our scavenger hunt went undocumented on social media. ON PURPOSE. I didn’t take any phone pictures. I was trying some new settings on my camera because the lighting was unique, but doing it without the intention of posting kept my intentions right where they needed to be.¬†Being¬†fully sincerely present is a rare gift now days. To ourselves. To our loved ones. To anyone we genuinely care about. Would you agree?

Honestly, we didn’t make it far.¬†I think that was¬†the best part. Had I been in charge we wouldn’t have been on the same block for longer than 15 minutes. A genuine reminder to SLOW IT THE CRAP DOWN, GP. Which is the 3rd reason¬†this simple treasure hunt changed my life. I swear to you these boys in my life teach me waaay more than I’ll ever manage to teach them.¬†


An easy tip to getting in more photos with your kids

Or your spouse. The same rules apply across the board. Whatever the setting. 

We had a few extra minutes before meeting Jon after work a couple nights ago.
We went for a drink run for a pick me up after some¬†angry man who was upset I didn’t turn left quick enough for his liking, wanted me to know I drive like a grandma.
Read about it: HERE! 

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