alternative¬†caption:“Headed back-to-school for the first time. The¬†real thing”¬†

I thought preschool was hard, I didn’t realize what I was in for Kindergarten.
Jonah is tough + more than ready — I have to pretend I am, for his sake.¬†He did 2 years of preschool + his first year, I learned a valuable lesson that I¬†won’t forget no matter how much I want to.

He was (always has been) the most kind, biggest helper I could ever imagined he’d be. We did a Co-Op preschool his first year. He had a freakin hip yellow backpack (that I very much ordered for myself), a smile on his face + an extra skip in his step with his fresh kicks tied up right. But the wind left my sails real quick when I realized he was¬†the only one¬†in his class without a character shirt OR a fun backpack. I’ve never forgot how that felt inside as a mother. I don’t think he noticed right off the bat, but man alive, who AM I? Controlling fashion obsessed mom. Hey Ginger, let your kids live already.

Clothes don’t define us. I know this. We all know this. I believe it with my whole heart. Each of us are welcome to do/dress our children however we’d like. Or they’d like. I needed to experience my heart sink first hand¬†to really step back + let him be HIM. Why would I squash that? Taking the focus off of what we wear has been healing for all of us. I’m starting to get used to the new view + starting to enjoy what it’s been replaced with.

We went school shopping together¬†this year + I listened to his requests. Although he enjoys a good pack of solid tee’s just like I do, he also beams with excitement when the Pokemon covered tee gets the green light. He¬†still doesn’t believe I’m actually going to buy it. Haha. Yes, I’m sure I’ll always cringe a bit when he puts it on, I’m pretty sure I always will, but his heart is growing + so is mine!

Long story short, J man chose every last bit¬†of his outfit for the first big day + will be doing so every¬†year to come. ūüôā Proud of this stud muffin. Light up bling hero backpack + all.