Home for the Holidays with a Gift Guide

Our “inside” looks different this year. I keep finding myself missing “HOME”.
Squished between our new home + a temporary 2 bedroom apartment without any real roots in the ground. Feels different.
I’ve been trying to think of a better word to describe it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
We really are so grateful, I don’t mean to complain. We have healthy energetic kids + a warm place to sleep at night. Many blessings!
We are holding strong to wherever we are TOGETHER, is Home!
And really getting motivated to get our buns into gear so we can be in our house before next Christmas 🙂

You’ve heard me cheer Mark’s + Spencer from the rooftop.  Thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide with some of our favorite family pieces that have made our home festive!

They have great priced stocking stuffers + the cutest beanie mitten sets you’ve ever seen.

Beanie Mitten Set
Navy Pom

I’ve always been drawn to the cute felt ornaments for our tree, but since having kids, it makes sooo much more sense to me now! 🙂 I snagged them 3 for 2.
Here are a few of our favorites: FOX | POLAR BEAR

I like unique little games, gizmo’s + gadgets.
I hope Tanner doesn’t look at this because we are totally exploiting his Christmas gift here.  HAHA whoops.

Da pom on the beanies! I just can’t quit it! I love that little poof as it bobbles around when he walks!

I am kinda picky with my jammies. They have to be butter or else I’m claustrophobic in 2 seconds. I sleep with socks + always kick them off by morning. Here is a link for my nightgown + here is link for my robe! ZIPPPPER! I thought I was a robe connoisseur, but this is my first with a zipper. Can’t beat the prices at M&S.
We have London near the top on our Bucketlist so these baubles realllly stood out to me!

Flannel for Dad! Jon loves their fitted shirts + their casual ones too!

Jack took a tumble down our stairs over the weekend, so seeing him smile has been a bonus. The brothers have been doting over him like crazy.

Rigg’s sweat suit (that actually tightens in the pants). Size up!

Mark’s & Spencer is uniquely curated + full of options for the whole fam. Plus, I love their lightening fast shipping – – – way less stressful preparing for the holidays! xx

This post was in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shoppinglinks

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  1. Paige Flamm December 5, 2017

    All of your jammies are so cute! I love them!



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