video created by Brett over at Modular Video Productions 

After pouring over your hashtags for days + trying to come up with something witty on my own, we are keeping simple.
Everyone makes a big deal out of little things like hashtags for building a home, right?! STOP IT, GP.
Had to get every other possibility out on the table, then bring it right back home.
It just feels right.¬† ūüôā Thanks for your help guys!
We’ve combined forces with Hyrum Bates + I cry happy tears after pretty much every appointment each week. I can’t wait for you to meet him!
We’ve already learned so much + although I’ve been hesitating
to put this first video out there into the world for whatever reason,
We’re excited to invite you all¬†along for our¬†custom home building process¬†+ as always, we are so happy you’re here!

My Podcast Interview with Chrissy Powers

Chrissy Powers, a long time internet friend of mine, launched a new podcast: Sure, Babe.
I’m honored to be her first guest + mostly stoked she didn’t stop the interview cold turkey
when I¬†slayed the world record for how many¬†“like”+ “ummm” + “ya know what I mean’s” quoted in less than a minute. #covereyeemoji

| dress |

In fact, I contemplated even sharing it because I’m sincerely embarrassed.

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3 of The Best Hairstyle Products

3 of The Best Hairstyle Products by Ginger Parrish of The Parrish Place

So I maaaaaaybe tried to film a hair tutorial + maaaaaaybe I cut off the top of my head.
HAHAH! Head over to my instagram to watch the few snippets I shared there about the 3 best hairstyle products I LOVE!

3 of The Best Hairstyle Products by Ginger Parrish of The Parrish Place
3 of The Best Hairstyle Products by Ginger Parrish of The Parrish Place

First of all, one of the best hairstyle products I use is¬†this¬†Titanium Flat Iron for my curls. You’re welcome to use code “GP50” on www.bombayhair.com for 50% off anything on the site.

3 of The Best Hairstyle Products by Ginger Parrish of The Parrish Place

My over flowing middle bathroom shelf is proof (cover eye emoji) that I’ve been around the block a time or two with hair product. Cosmetologist probs, I guess. I could go on + on about what’s my favorite, but I’m going to simplify to two CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT hair products. Drum roll……Big Sexy Hair’s SPRAY WAX + Paul Mitchell’s WORKING SPRAY.

3 of The Best Hairstyle Products by Ginger Parrish of The Parrish Place

Well, lets make it 3 products. Dry shampoo is included because I prefer dirty hair over clean hair 100% of the time.

3 of The Best Hairstyle Products by Ginger Parrish of The Parrish Place

We’ve decided this is going to be my camera man from NOW on. xx

What are your best hairstyle products?!

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The RV Show: This Weekend’s Family Outing

The RV Show: This Weekend's Family Outing by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place

Jon has been looking forward to the RV SHOW for what feels like ever.
Saturday finally rolled around + the tradeshow definitely lived up to the hype.
Coy + Suzie renovated a camper last summer,
+ we’ve dreamed up big plans to log a ton of miles in¬†them together this summer!

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IMG_7261Traveling around Europe.
Missing our big brothers.
Looking for a new house.
Teaching manners over + over + over + over.
Studying the art of self-tanning.
Watching this is us. J A C K!!!!!!
Cultivating genuine friendships.
Fighting coughs + runny noses.
Reading¬†“For the Love – Fighting for Grace”.
Going to bed earlier.
Ultimately just trying to be a good mom + a good person.

tap tap — is this thing on?

Do I even remember how to do this? Guess we’re about to find out aren’t we.


Someone told me once blogging is like paying tithing. You can’t back-date or you’ll never pay it. It’s too overwhelming. Just start from the day your on + go forward. So here I am — stuck with lots¬†to catch up on around these parts, but leaving my excuses at the door. ¬†It feels good to be back.


We’ve been busy swapping around priorities, finding our footing since¬†becoming outnumbered by our kids + enjoying the fleeting moments¬†with sweet Jack! He makes life special. It’s kinda hard to even remember what it was like without him around.


Jonah is now 5 (5 AND¬†a HALF, if you ask him) Roo is 3. They are growing boys who love to PLAY. The Solly Wrap has been my saving grace this time around. I have used it more with Jack than I did with the big brothers combined. I shared how the crap I get out the door without losing my marbles, over on their blog a little while ago. HERE is the link, if you’d like to read it.


Love these sweet boys (+ their dad) more than anything else. Including photos. I love photos so much lately. They really help me see my life exactly how it is, with the stress removed? Can’t really explain it, but they mean so much to me. My friend LACI DAVIS snapped these shots¬†for us one afternoon + I’ll cherish them forever. xx

Madewell Birthday Party

thanks for snapping this photo, LACI DAVIS

The day is finally here!! Are your party pants ready?1-year-anniversary-event-invite
In a perfect world we’d all live in Utah + could party together, right? Buuut¬†we don’t. So we’ve decided to combine our forces¬†further + offer up¬†a $100 GIFT CARD to one lucky winner!¬†It’s good in store or online at any time.¬†Head on over to my¬†instagram to enter, but for an extra entry, leave a comment on this post letting us know that you’d¬†like¬†to win!

Happy 1st Birthday, Madewell! See you all sooooooon. xx

From 2 to 3 – 5 Tips From a Mom’s Survival Mode

From 2 to 3 - 5 Tips From a Mom's Survival Mode by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place

Things felt comfortable before Jack was born.¬†I could actually go to the grocery store without feeling like a walking train wreck.¬†For me,¬†that’s saying something. I like to think I knew what I was doing.

I was predicting¬†my world flipped¬†upside down when Jack got here¬†+ although I’m still trying to find my groove thang, we’re all¬†breathing! It hasn’t been as crazy as I anticipated. I’ve been asked several times, “but how?!” So I thought I’d share a few survival mode tricks I keep inside my sleeve.
From 2 to 3 - 5 Tips From a Mom's Survival Mode by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place

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One Year older + Wiser, too


A very happy birthday morning with our number one! Jonboy took work off for the day + we filled it to the brim with all of his favorites.

Jon¬†grew up with Junk Food Birthday Breakfast In Bed + it’s been a treat to implement the same tradition with our kiddos! Jonah carried the candle-lit plate into the bedroom for the first time + I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me want to cry. I love how much they love their dad!! Jonah ate the strawberries, Rigg downed the peach-o rings, Jon inhaled¬†the ice-cream waffles, I ate all the raspberries + we still had plenty to go around. Calling this year a whopping success.


Jon + Jonah went to golf a quick round of 9 while Rigg + I got the house into shape, then we met up with Grandma, Grandpa + Cody’s family at Lagoon. I’m so impressed with the kiddie section upgrades they have made¬†at¬†the park! The boys could have stayed alllllllll day. We did stay all day, but you know’msayin? ¬†About time for us to invest in Season Passes. My sweet friend¬†Mary told me last night that you can get them for a steal on Black Friday! Awesome!!! We’re hoping to snag a few¬†then.


I didn’t ride many rides at Lagoon, but I did manage to squish my way into Jon’s jeep on the MOAB ride next to the whales + we almost got stuck in there for good. Hilariously awesome!! Especially waiting for the attendant to unlock our seatbelts verrry last. Hearing our kids laugh behind us? Absolutely priceless. You won’t find a more dedicated father + husband than Jonboy. He’s humble, patient + just an all around good to the core kind of human! He doesn’t really like like lime-light, so it was fun to celebrate him for the entire day. Love you sweets! xx

It’s HERE!!

Jonah finished preschool Thursday. We camped Friday РSaturday, biked Park City after church on Sunday + now we are off to hopefully (fingers crossed) find a camper today. More time outside than inside?? All signs pointing to one thang: Summer has officially BEGUN!

IMG_5558 copy

Growing up we went for family bike rides on Sunday evenings. The whole family. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 of us in a row. Most likely fighting over who got to be the leader. Implementing the¬†same tradition with my own kids brings my heart so much nostalgic joy! We’ve been stoked on our new Brilliant Bicycles around here.¬†Little Roo is even learning to keep right up with us. If only my Mom would have kept our blue Cookie Monster bike attachement seat that I¬†rode in as baby, we’d be set. It attached right to the back of my Dad’s bike, I remember it so vividly. We’re going to need that thing big time come July! ūüôā

brilliant IMG_5602bwtrees

We can fit all of our bikes right in the back of the Mini when we put the seats down! Makes it easy for me to transport bikes alone during the day without putting me into labor, or needing Jon’s help to get them to the top of the bike rack like we had previously. I mentioned that the boys aren’t into TV anymore, but did I also mention that riding their bikes has taken its place ten fold? They live for it! We don’t leave the house very often without¬†them¬†in tow.

IMG_5507 copytrailsIMG_5502 copy

McPolin Farm is one of our favorite Sunday activities. McPolin is the famous¬†white barn in Park City with the huge flag that you see a million pictures of around the 4th of July. Ringing a bell?¬†Here is the address if you¬†want to check it out. Park across the street to the east, then walk under the highway (using the underground tunnel) + choose your trail from there! Such a¬†breathtaking bike path that begins right in front of it, as well as a handful of mountain biking trails to hit up from that point. Add it to your bucket list this summer! It’s incredible¬†any time of the year, but you especially won’t want to miss it during July when the GINORMOUS flag is flying high!¬†¬†IMG_5490 copyhelpershappiness

As per usual, all of our Helmets are NUTCASE. Some companies just have it figured OUT, you know? The kids can put them on or take them off by themselves with absolutely no pinching!!! GAME CHANGER! Worth every penny.

IMG_5475 copyIMG_5524 copy

Can I¬†toot¬†BRILLIANT BICYCLE¬† horn for just a second? Not only is their website the sleekest of the sleek + easy to navigate, their customer service is off the charts. My road bike got stollen last summer + we have been on the hunt for new bikes ever since. We went with Brilliant + haven’t lived a day of regret. Affordable. Simplistic. STURDY. Cute! Need I say more? From the packaging they show up on the doorstep in, to the leather detailing in the seats + handle bars, the playlist that they¬†created¬†for us to blast while assembling the bikes, it’s all quite the experience. They’ve made thorough how to videos¬†plus included alllll the tools you’ll ever need to assemble or tighten anything on the bike.¬†A company after my own heart for hitting the smallest of details RIGHT on the head. Clearly can’t say enough good. Let me know if you have any specific questions in regards to any of it, happy to give two more cents if it’s needed! We are¬†patiently waiting¬†for the Astor to come back in stock for Jon.


IMG_5646 copy

We went to visit our sweet family in the cemetery up north¬†last weekend with Grandma + Grandpa Webb. I’ll be sharing pictures from then when I get another minute of free time. But for now, Happy Memorial Day, friends! xx

Brilliant is kindly offering Parrish friends a discount!
So if you’re in the market for a new bike at all, be sure to¬†apply¬†the following codes at checkout:

PARRISHxMAYFAIR  :  $100 off Mayfair


PARRISHxBIDDLE     : $50 off Biddle


PARRISHxPICKERY   : $50 off Pickery

Mornings like these. . .


When we launched our hat company back in November, the work / mom life balance reallllly rocked my world. I couldn’t handle it all + had days where I felt like I’m dropping every hat I’m trying to wear. I still do. I’ve never been super structured with schedule, but as I’ve hunkered down intentionally, I’ve discovered that our slow mornings are where my heart really thrives.


Rigg has always been my snuggler. Since the day he arrived in this world, he’s snuggled until the sun goes down.¬†He’s also obsessssssed with his ‚Äúsofffft one‚ÄĚ. (blanket) His voice changes when he sees it + won’t go to sleep without it.


I find myself constantly pondering how the dynamic will change¬†once brother¬†arrives in July. Now that we’ve found our groove + mornings are especially¬†comfortable for us, (well, minus the fact that I can’t put my shoes on without sitting down + crossing my legs up on my lap. HA!) ¬†I want¬†to put on paper¬†a few of the tiny every day moments that we share together.


The sun rises¬†much earlier now. Which I love. Our bedroom is 40% floor to ceiling windows, so sleeping in is hard not really in our vocabulary. Jon wakes up at 6. I wake up around 7.¬†Jonah is pretty consistently up around 7:30 to say bye to Jon¬†before work. He gets really upset if he misses that window with Dad. Like tantrum status. Rigg is a bit more unpredictable: some days¬†he’s up at 6, sometimes he sleeps until 9:30.


Both boys prefer Frosted Mini Wheats with fresh strawberries on top for breakfast.¬†A friend mentioned on facebook that she reads together at breakfast with her girls + we tried the same thing. They can’t read on their own yet, but I could not recommend it enough. The boys each choose a book from their shelf + we I read them aloud together at¬†breakfast. We are currently reading The BFG before bed¬†¬†(our first chapter book together!!) but it has been wonderful¬†to still incorporate other books into our daily routine!


Bath time after breakfast!! We usually do a quick rinse bath at before bed, but spend more time playing/cleaning in the morning bath. My parents gave us this little farm letter bath toy a while back + it’s a total hit in the tub. PS: Jonah teaching Rigg letters? No sweeter scene.


Getting ready is always an adventure. Jonah prefers to put on his own lotion + choose his own clothes. Not Rigg. He soaks up the pampering 100%. I cherish it, seems to keep him smaller a big longer¬†in my mind. Think he’ll still let me when he’s 14? No because he’ll never be that old. ūüôā

IMG_5369 copyaveeno3

Nursing dress: Harper & Bay


I have sensitive legs to the tenth degree. I could get razor burn just by looking at them wrong. Aveeno has been the only¬†lotion that I can apply directly after shaving that doesn’t make me break out. All of my sisters are the same way. So strange! But it’s been a natural transition to implement their¬†baby line¬†into our¬†bath time¬†routine with the kids. The pump top lotion bottle is Mr. Independent’s favorite. Unscented + glides like butter. Perfect for little boys.


I’m grateful that the boys aren’t into tv like they have been previously. We’ve basically eliminated it from our mornings. It’s been a long time coming, but if I give them the choice to watch or go outside, they honestly choose outside 99% of the time.¬†Summer, you are everything to me!! I’ve been amazed at how well the boys do with a little structure. Our afternoons are still pretty¬†sporadic, but mornings with these few simple consistencies, really do start us out on the right foot.


Thank you, Aveeno, for encouraging us to¬†document our #tinymoments! I’d pass along the encouragement to everyone else,¬†as I know these will be¬†priceless memories for our growing family!¬†I partnered with AVEENO¬ģ on this post. All opinions are 100% my own.



and we are all still breathing. 
IT’S A M I R A C L E!!!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
I forgot my phone at home when we went to pick Jonboy¬†up at the airport this morning, sooo that was hilariously awkward + ridiculous. He¬†called another ride because he could “see” we were still home + assumed we had forgotten him. As if we weren’t counting down the minutes??! Luckily, Maddison the security guard let me use her go phone after two others turned me down. The kids still got¬†to run towards him as he walked around the corner with his suitcase, making me cry all the happy tears. The sun is shining, it’s the last day of preschool, we have a pop up shop tonight + we are going camping this weekend! WHAT A DAY! Straight to McDonalds we drove¬†for trip treats + an Egg Mcmuffin — because when dad comes home with tall tee jumpsuits, drawstring adult backpacks + new socks for everyone, you don’t waste another minute in the clothes you got ready in!! What.a.scene.¬†We’re never letting him leave again. Ever.

Snooze you lose


If you know Jon, you know that The Drive Inn is his absolute favorite summa time outing. (SAVE camping) We went to our first show last weekend + you couldn’t have wiped the smile off his face had you tried to. Snagged a Hot-N-Ready on the way out + got there early for a good parking spot. Win win! The best part? The kids fell asleep before the previews were over. I stayed awake for a good 30 minutes + Jon only lasted an hour. Hahhaa! Something about piling a house of blankets into the back of the truck does me in.


We seriously should have considered naming him Riggins Pizza Parrish. Kid is O B S E S S E D.

Processed with VSCO with 3 preset

Rain woke us Sunday morning + made for a fun dash to Stake Conference without an umbrella. How do we not own an umbrella?! I swear we did at some point, but not when we actually need it. Or maybe it’s¬†broken, like the rest of our house. #boymomprobs. I shared¬†a bit about my favorite part of Elder Ballard’s¬†talk here on my instagram. I’m going to miss going to Stake Conference on Temple Square if we ever decide to move.

JPEG image-88AE80F24AAB-1

It was an easy,¬†nothing super special weekend, with the fam. Just the way I like¬†it. Jon has actually been in Chicago for the last 5 day. Yoink. SEND PRAYERS. Kidding. Kind of. I could literally bow down to single mother’s. I don’t know how you do it!

10 things making me Happy

  1. brudders Snocones wiht roo
  1. ¬†Jolley’s snowcones (beating the big after-school rush of kids, too!)
  2. The truck driver that honked at us + made the boys laaaaugh!
  3. Stake Temple Session
  4. Catching up on ALLLLL Gigi Pip orders. Celebration race vs. Rigg back to the van from the front door of the Post Office
  5. Surprise snail mail package from Granda Webb
  6. Finding a new preschool for Jonah
  7. One on one time with Riggins. His little voice. #DATEYOURKIDS
  8. Sneaking into Jon’s new office after the Temple to see the renovation progress
  9. Listening to Periscope’s¬†from Natalie Norton
  10. My new Promptly Journal that arrived in the mail

The Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty UT

We were craving a family day, so we made it happen.
The Spiral Jetty has been on our bucket list for quite some time.
We packed some snacks + off we went.
I recently discovered that I could give the kids headphones for the TV
+ listen to anything ( or nothing ) my heart desires in the front seat of the van!
VROOM vroom baby. Reason 382 I love owning a Mini Van. HAHA!

swaaangIMG_4227 copy

It took us 2 hours to get there.
Jonboy + I listened to a bunch of our book
“The God Who Weeps”.
Have you read it? Add it to your list ASAP if not.
We can’t get enough. It’s insights are so refreshing.
Sidenote: we listened to it on audible at 2x the regular speed, otherwise I fall asleep.
Bless her heart! Or maybe my heart? Haha!


Rigg didn’t want to wear shoes + stomped all the run away bubbles in sight.
Jonah chiseled out the whitest crystals he could find + is planning to take them all to show-n-tell on Thursday.


“R for Riddy” — we make him say it all the time because it’s so cute, but I swear he can spot an R from a mile away.

Spiral Jetty UT IMG_4127 copy
dad at sprial jetty
I took about 78 pictures behind the pack just like this one. Paparazzi pregnant mom status. I¬†love to observe their shenanigans + maaaybe I¬†can’t quite keep up with them now days. ūüôā¬†Watching Jon be a dad brings tears of joy to my eyes at least once a week. Good tears. Happy Tears. Grateful tears!¬†I used to worry that the boys liked him more than me, but I’m used to it now + truthfully, I don’t blame them for a second!

IMG_4098 IMG_4112 copyIMG_4151 copy

There will be another little brother in this mix soon?
Can’t hardly believe it, can’t hardly wait.

IMG_4225IMG_4096 copy

After we¬†jam packed our weekend celebrating Jonah + all of his awesome-ness, I think we’re going to have to get creative with all the rain headed our way over the next few days. Life tends to feel much easier when we aren’t cooped up inside all day. But who doesn’t love an excuse to stomp some puddles? xx

Manners Souperhero Party

With the news that we are expecting our third son in July, I feel even more confident that we set the most¬†appropriate family goal this year! MANNERS!! The pressure of raising hard-working, kind, polite men in this world is¬†constantly weighing¬†on my mind.¬†I miiiiiight¬†lose sleep over this, guys. And I might not be able to stop my kids from jumping off of the top bunk when I’m not looking, but you better believe they will be saying please + thank you at preschool drop off + clearing their plate from dinner, if it’s the last thing I do as a mother! I have quickly learned that politeness isn’t taught or learned over night, but strongly believe that manners make the world of a difference in the real world.¬†Super Hero Party Annies Super Hero Party Annies
Jonah is our social learner. (AKA interpersonal learner.) He catches on to things quickly¬†through¬†role playing + hands on group activities. I’ve noticed that when he teaches¬†Rigg something that he’s learned, it helps the concept sink in his mind even further. He’s a natural leader. Jonah¬†LIVES to help others. I discovered¬†this as he helped me co¬†potty train Rigg. I swear I¬†struck gold in this discovery. Like oohhhhh so I don’t have to do this all by myself? HAPPY DAY!! I try to let him take the lead when I can.¬†One morning J told us it was Thor’s birthday! I pretty ran like the wind at the opportunity + threw a¬†“manner” themed birthday party, but let Jonah be the planner.¬†Together this simple idea evolved into our “Souper” Hero Party. No better way to slam something home around here than in superhero form. Together we made a party list, went to Target, picked out invitations, delivered them to every superhero we own + planned the games for the party. When our¬†boys are able to¬†teach a concept to a friend, the take away is seriously powerful. For all parties involved. Kids teaching kids for the win!
Super Hero Party Annies

ROLE PLAY:¬†I presented¬†scenarios from different environments for the Souperheros¬†to act out at the party.¬†From preschool to¬†the park to eating dinner at Grandma’s house. They acted them out with their stuffed animals + picked a prize afterwards.

Super Hero Party Annies
PLEASE + THANK YOU: Parrish’s say thank you EVERY TIME we get out of the car. Whether you are with Mom + Dad or a friend.

EYE CONTACT: We look at the person who is talking in the eye. Including tee-ball coaches + classmates.¬†Which also includes answering questions when someone asks you one. It’s okay to say “I don’t know.”¬†Rigg¬†tends to get a bit shy when someone he doesn’t know very well asks him a question, but he’s got the eye contact thing down pat, so #babysteps! ūüôā¬†



If you’re wondering why I keep spelling Superhero – Souperhero, like soup¬†you can eat, it’s because that was our party food + I’m still playing off of it to¬†solidify ¬†superheroes have the best manners in the world! Ha! I wanted to cry happy tears when I discovered Annie’s¬†recently launched a new line of certified organic¬†soup, because it’s¬†totally something that the kids can man-handle on their own in the kitchen AND it’s good for them!! I have been a long time¬†Annie’s Homegrown¬†fan. The¬†boys are picky eaters, so we¬†stick to basics for¬†dinner. Anything that they feel comfortable¬†helping with in the kitchen easily, sells me in a heartbeat. Annie‚Äôs is no exception. Their soups were our go-to over the winter because they are just so¬†convenient +¬†I LOVE¬†that they are kid-friendly. They go from¬†box, to stove (or microwave) to thermos in minutes! Annie‚Äôs new line of Organic Soups offer the best of both worlds: delicious taste & fun pasta shapes¬†kids love and wholesome ingredients that us can parents feel good about feeding¬†our¬†kids.¬†WIN WIN!¬†

TAKING TURNS: They fight like cats + dogs, but are connected at the hip no matter what. So taking turns can be tricky! It was fun to see them take charge in the kitchen as they prepared the food for the party friends. I notice that¬†when I¬†compliment good behavior rather than constantly nag the bad, we all end up less annoyed at the end of the day. ūüôā

SHARING:  Hulk was the friend who had a hard time sharing at our party. He wanted two spoons so he could eat his soup the fastest. #typical. Rigg stepped up to the plate to diffuse the situation.

anniesborthersJPEG image-E09BCA42A08A-1
Annies Homegrown Organic Soup

TEAMWORK: The souperheros stacked the soup like you see above. The designated bad guys knocked them over with balls from the ball pit afterwards. The focus rule: TAKE TURNS! If they fought, they had to climb the slide backwards.


The cheesier the ideas, the better they seem to stick in our home. I’m not sure how long this will be the case, but for now, I’m clearly milking it for all it’s worth! ūüôā


ALWAYS CLEAN UP AFTER PLAY: before we leave¬†friend’s house or they leave ours!

Here is a quick list of some of the specific table manners we are working on this month! (I like to add one concept to each of their chore charts for the week because it provides opportunity at bed time to recap our day together + an overall discussion at the end of the month when they turn their charts in for a prize! Hoping to teach them that manners are a way of life.
– chewing with mouth closed
Рwiping own face/hands with napkin at dinner
– not leaving the table until everyone is finished
– taking care of plates after dinner/ everyone helps clean up

happyboysANNIESsoupsThank you Annie’s for sponsoring our party! It takes a village to raise kids + I am¬†so glad to have peace of mind in knowing that my boys have tummies full of healthy food at the end of the day. xx

Our Gender Reveal Party

VIDEO: Fielding Films¬† || FOOD: Kneader’s Bakery

Can you believe we¬†stared at the sealed ultrasound envelop the entire week leading up to the party + didn’t peek once!? I can’t. Talk about¬†some SERIOUS suspense! Thank the Heavens¬†Aubry swooped in + saved the day. She kept our secret on lock down while she managed to¬†fill the box with balloons, stuff all the poppers with confetti + didn’t bat a single eyelash¬†no matter how high the¬†bribes climbed for her to spill the beans early. She made the party happen. Literally! My stomach was full of butterflies the entire party. The fact that I have craved¬†Kneader’s Sugar cookies this entire pregnancy but they didn’t even tempt me at the party really shows where my nerves were at. Ha! WHAT¬†A THRILL!! Jon was certain his mustache would sway the chances for a boy + I was 99.9% sure we were having a girl. Rigg is still set on a baby sister + the first line that came from Jonah’s mouth was¬†“4 boys, 1 mom!!” with the biggest grin on his face. Being¬†surrounded by people¬†that mean so¬†much to us on this special day¬†was absolutely heart filling. A moment I’ll¬†neva eva eva forget! Thank you all for sharing in our excitement.
We are absolutely ecstatic¬†to have¬†another little boy joining¬†our family. You are very very very loved little man! Can’t wait to meet you in July!


SWEETS:¬†parent teachers for Jonah | cali with absolutely no plans | park date with the collard’s (baby next friday!!!!!) i vote boy | rigg holding my face | speaking in sacrament meeting | planning our reveal party | easter party with new friends: jonah dropping the football from the balcony + being sure that rigg found enough eggs | fresh hair cuts | white cheddar popcorn | st patrick’s day parade | jonah + rigg singing olay at the RSL game | bumping into the evans crew | first carseat to basket nap transfer at target | rigg’s obsession with sunglasses | having the morgan’s over for sunday dinner + jackbox | slumber party in our bed when jon was out of town | easter candy | co-oping for the bowling field trip + being the only mom to get a strike

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS:¬†coming home from vegas early because it was freezing | living in fireplace rennovations | choosing tile | swollen preggo face | peeing like a racehorse all night long | pretty little liars. can’t.stop.watching. | missing grandma + grandpa | winter storm warning | rigg almooooost burning down the house while jon was out of town | new dog next door who misses his mom while she’s at work #earplugsplease | panda express | tulips that died in like 2 days | “dad you got a booger in you’s nose” during sacrament meeting while i was speaking | still haven’t found my wallet | forgot to pack warmer clothes for the RSL game

Lemonade Through a Clean Lens

I was searching for an email last night + up came three lemonade posts from last summer.
I’m a believer in tender mercies. This being one of them.
I love beautiful pictures + I love the memories behind them even more.
A photo has a magical way of taking you back to a specific place in time.
The smells, the songs, the tone of voice, the way the weather shaped up, etc.
I’m not sure where I lost my faith in social media, but somehow, along my way, I did.
But as I read through our memories + scrolled the play by play of each week
my cheeks burned from the tears. THIS! This is what I have been missing.
Not to mention Jon had been working to back up the 23,743 pictures on my iphone
for three nights straight. Where did the drive to document responsibly go?!
That’s what I wanna know. (19 covered eye emoji in a row)
The boys might a foot taller, my hair thinner¬†+ Jon cooler, but one thing is still the same —
I love pictures. I love my family + I love documenting our big + little moments spent together.

So without further adieu, our first Weekly Lemonade post for 2016.
Just one day shy of March 1st. #leapyeahhhhhh

SWEETS: turning 27 | first road trip in the mini | surprise birthday party weekend with my favorite people | jon parrish for planning every little detail just for me | thursday night ward basketball | jonah getting to go back to school | sleepover with grandma, ky + milo | birthday friend dinner at sawadee | circle of love | lotion from the owner (it was frozen from her car) | mafia until 3 am | letting the boys ride their power wheel to the library | discovering¬†annie’s¬†now makes¬†soup: #breakfast #lunch #dinner | jonah making his bed without being asked | facetime with grandpa | birthday time with grammy + morg: JOY, spaghetti factory + ice castles | new fireplace | pinterest | grandma’s banana bread | jonah’s birthday card that he found + hid in his suitcase himself | car wash membership | living in my little giraffe bathrobe | sporadic snowflake catching in the target parking lot | completed chore charts

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS: jonah missing school all last week with a brutal cough | making a murder | instagram | writing the year for the first time at the DR, but not being sure which year it was — awkward st st stutter | reptile day at preschool #chickenmom | devastating news about sweet family in arizona who lost their 4 year old daughter the day before their son was born | rigg opening the door at the stop light on 3rd west | double back flip fail | not enough time in the day to finish everything | fuzzy blog pictures | lost wallet round 3 | dirty baseboards

Parrish Family Rules

NOBODY makes Jonah laugh as hard as Rigg does.

MY dress is from FREE PEOPLE. Here is the link for those who have asked. xx

my everything together in the same picture, with a heart that pretty much wants to explode.

RIGGINS: Overalls, Plaid, Shoes
JONAH: Plaid, Skinny Jeans, Converse

Photos taken by our dear friend, SAMI JO PHOTO.

IN OUR HOUSE,¬†we speak kindly + respectfully, even if we disagree. IN OUR HOUSE, human beings take precedent over electronic devices. IN OUR HOUSE, today matters more than yesterday. IN OUR HOUSE, we set out to encourage one person each day. IN OUR HOUSE, we look for the blessings. (and when they’re not obvious, we keep looking.) IN OUR HOUSE, we have screen-free time so we can hold pets, people, + creative passions in our hands. IN OUR HOUSE, we XO before we go, even in our hands are sticky, even if we’re running late. IN OUR HOUSE, we look into each other’s eyes when we speak. IN OUR HOUSE, we open our door and say, “Come as you are.” IN OUR HOUSE, there’s time for “one more” – one more hug, one more cleansing breath, one more prayer, and one more page of our favorite book. IN OUR HOUSE, grace is served daily. We’re all learning here. IN OUR HOUSE, we love “as is.” IN OUR HOUSE, there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing every now + then. IN OUR HOUSE, we put living, laughing, and loving at the top of the priorities list. IN OUR HOUSE there is room for mistakes and room to breathe.

hands free house rules. framed in our home to read each day. xx

City Select Stroller (GIVEAWAY)

I’ve tried a LOT of strollers in the few years I’ve been a mother.
Like an embarrassing amount + to be completely transparent with you,
the cool factor was pretty much at the top of my requirements.
But, I feel like we hit the nail on the head with our City Select.
Price: CHECK
Functionality: CHECK
Allows me to fit other things in my trunk: CHECK
Two buckles for the boys: CHECK
Jonah’s¬†favorite color: CHECK
Customer Service straight from my dreams: CHECK

We are soaring high in our new ride. Confident this one will stick!
The Baby Cubby crew has gained all of my respect through this process.
I’m 100% amazed by their business ethic. You just don’t see that anymore.
More about it later, but head on over to my instagram @GPARRISH
for a chance to win a City Select of your choosing for your family that they so kindly donated! xx

Kid friendly in Las Vegas

say it ain’t so?!

.Jon had a training to teach down in Vegas, so we jumped in his bag.
I feel like we’ve spent a bunch of time in Vegas this year, but this was
our first time with the boys. We had a blast together!

Roo’s such a ham. Always making us laugh.

Posing cool kid. Like, duh.
romper: Rags to Raches

On Thursday the app told us we were just shy of 15,000 steps before 4:00.
Lots to see with lots of walking! We were so glad we took the double stroller!!

We found such an awesome deal on a¬†Baby Jogger City Select¬†Stroller with the second seat FREEEEE, so we made the plunge! As fast as Jon was sold on the rental Mini Van, I was sold on the convenience¬†of this dang stroller. Folds up smaller than anything we’ve previously owned + the seats stay on when it’s folded down!! Both boys in their own seat? Total GAME CHANGER coming from the mom who has tried pretty much every stroller on the market. Just gotta invest in a cup holder + add the skateboard attachment to my Santa List + then we’ll really be set.

Here are a few kid friendly things we found to do in Las Vegas:

+ CONTAINER PARK: Down by the old/new¬†Fremont Street. We could have stayed here alllll day. The fire shooting pray-mantis that beats to the drum was Jonah’s favorite. The life size legos were Rigg’s number one choice. Jon enjoyed the Jimmy Buffet music videos playing on the blow up screen best + I left my camera home to soak up all of the above with my whole heart.¬†We heard that weeknights are significantly less crowded ps! Thanks Greg + Britt for the reccomendation.

+ M&M WORLD: The 3D movie ( cost: FREE ) lasts about 10 minutes + watching your kids reach up for the characters is priceless.

+ Gondola Ride at The Venetian

+ RAISING CANES: BEST chicken ever made. no battle. We went four times in four days.

+ Tournament Of Kings: Incredible night show at The Excalibur. We found a good deal on prices at the ticket booth in front of M&M world. Follow the bright yellow sings!

+¬†FUN DUNGEON:¬†This is the arcade in the basement of Excalibur.¬†Dairy Queen Blizzard’s for dessert.

+ Make a wish in the ponds at Caesars Palace.

+ Be sure to put a few dollars bills in your pocket. Those posed pictures with all the characters walking the strip aren’t free. ūüôā

Back home to snowy weather + a clean house. Two of my very favorite things! xx

Hell on Wheels

IMG_0966 copyIMG_0964 IMG_0969 copy

When I die, I want my gravestone to read “My husband was so much cooler than me.”
He comes up with the most random stuff + I LOVE HIM FOR IT.
This is the second annual Hell On Wheels motorcycle ride he put together for Halloween.
Absolutely hilarious to watch people’s faces as we drove across Wasatch.
The real deal when you get stopped for pictures along the way, right? So dang fun!

IMG_0998 copyIMG_0955IMG_0942 copy

IMG_0973 copy
IMG_0992 copy
Jonah + Rigg got to cruise home with Jonboy from the babysitter.
I always try to catch myself before I say Halloween is more fun with kids,
because Halloween is the very best being married to this guy.
The honest to goodness cheesy truth right there.
We’ve already dreamed up our 2016¬†family costume¬†+ I am excited.
If you’ve got a motorcycle, join us next year! The more the merrier. Spookier? Whatever.

Halloween 2015


Totally rhymes.

IMG_0807IMG_0838-1IMG_1012 copyIMG_0804 copy

I felt like the kids had to wait for hours for Halloween to get here.
I can only imagine how it felt in their heads.
Patient little Pirates to say the very least.

IMG_0868 copy

Our MADSEN bicycle sure pulled through in the Pirate Ship Department. Reason 198 why we love that bike so much.

IMG_0852IMG_1112 copyIMG_1011 copy

“If you want to look spooky, hold still Riddins. PLEASE!”


Gold. Because – – – PIRATE BOOTY.
wink. wink.


IMG_0794IMG_0904 copyIMG_1145IMG_0907

Feels as if “YO HO YO HO a Pirate’s Life for Me” will be stuck in my head for the rest of eternity.
But the way Rigg sings under his mischievous little smile is
just about the greatest thing, so I don’t mind.

IMG_1123IMG_1141 copyIMG_1148

After we had our trick or treating fix, we sailed our ship up north to
Grandma + Grandpa’s house.
Couldn’t miss Grandma Larsen’s BBQ party
or one of Aunt Margo’s sugar cookies.
Super fun to see all of my cousins dressed up with their own kids.
De ja vu from our own childhood posing for that big group picture.
Family is seriously the best.
Until next year, muh matey’s! xx

Dear Mom,

Thank you for driving all the way down for Jonah’s first¬†Primary Program.
You have no idea how much it meant to me. To Jonah. To our whole family.
I couldn’t look at you on the stand without my eyes welling with tears.


Thank you for loving me with all of your heart.
Thank you for loving my kids with all of your heart.
I wish you lived closer to us, or that we lived closer to you,
but the little glass vase you gave me when I left for hair school
looks me in the face ever single day reminding me to believe in myself,
because you believe in me.


Thank you from the very depths of my heart, for teaching me what it means to be a mother.
You are one of my very greatest blessings.

Love You Forever,

Pickin’ Punkins

The Parrish Place Punkins

Tyler + Morgan had us over for a little Halloween party last weekend!
Mo decorated all cute, made us carmeled apples, bought us each a carving kit
+ made sure we were entertained the whole night through.
They took us out to their cutest not so little punkin patch.
My first time in an orchard like this: queue the heart eyes!
Any time we get all of us Webb’s together, it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing,
it’s¬†always g-double-o-d time.


The Parrish Place Punkins The Parrish Place PunkinsThe Parrish Place PunkinsThe Parrish Place Punkins

Jonah spotted the only dark green pumpkin in sight, named it Darth Vader,
+ carried him the entire way back to the house by himself.
When it was time to leave, he was balancing his backpack with one hand
+ DV in the other, but dropped him smack on the cement.
CRAAAACK. One heartbroken little J.
We’ve spent the last couple of days transforming Darth¬†into the coolest¬†Frankenstein we can.
Our fingers are crossed he’ll keep his shape¬†another week for¬†Halloween night.
So far so good. Thanks again for the fun night, Mo + Ty РРРWe sure love you!

Tubby Todd + Munchkin


[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYIumYx61_M&feature=youtu.be” width=”700″ height=”394″ splash=”http://www.theparrishplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_143-1.jpg”]

Thank you so much for entering our #PARRISHFAMFAVE giveaway
with Tubby Todd + Munchkin this week.
I have enjoyed reading through all of your reviews + childhood memories
as well as reminiscing on my own.
Giveaway closes tonight – – –
the lucky winner will be announced at midnight MST on this instagram post!
Gooooood Luck my friends.

A Year of Bath Time


We got pregnant fairly quick after we got married,
which didn’t leave¬†much down time to get to know people
in our neighborhood as well as I had wanted.
Given the circumstance, I’ll forever remember my first¬†baby shower.
Our incredible Ward hosted a baby shower for me
right before Jonah was born + the very first gift that I opened
was a pack of these Munchkin Tub letters + numbers.

TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_143 (1)TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_122TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_23TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_120TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_20

Each + every bath,
I’m reminded of the¬†hospitality of genuine friends,
many of which I met for the first time the day of the shower,
who blessed me with friendship during those first motherhood moments.
What a blessing + constant reminder to pay it forward.
Jonah learned most of his letters in our tub + Rigg is on his way there as well.
I’m absolutely honored¬†to be teaming up with Munchkin¬†to give away a similar
bath time experience to another lucky family!


These little squirters seem to be a hit with Jonah + Roo.
The boys are pretty proud to show their fishing skills for Jon,
so the fishing pole set is also highly sought over at our house!

TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_35TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_144 (1)TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_141TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_125TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_103 (1)TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_134 (2)

I have sensitive skin, but neither of the boys have shown any allergies
to any soaps or lotions we’ve used¬†in our home.
BUT, when Jonah decided that he wanted to grow some hair
like his dad’s armpits + arms do,
he used Jon’s deodorant for the fertilizer.
You feel me? ūüôā
Took me about a week to catch on.
By that time he had a rash all over the place.
He scratched + scratched until he bled + bled.
I had seen Tubby Todd floating around on instagram here + there,
but one specific review stood out to me because I felt like nothing else was working for this.
So, we ordered some product + gave it a whirl.

TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_124TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_137 TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_128TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_152

YOU GUYS!! Obviously Tubby Todd worked like a charm
because it’s been dubbed the¬†magical cure all around here.
We tried the Dream Cream lotion on his tummy first
+ when he woke up without any itching, we were sold РРРhook line + sinker.

TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_130 TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_134TubbyTodd_Munchkin_BeckyKimballPhoto_103

Then there’s the bubble bath – – – – THE BUBBLES LAST FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR.
And then a day. By only using like a dime size drop! This is not a trick or exaggeration.
If you’ve tried anything else, you know most bubbles
have disappeared by the time the tub is full.
Game changer guys! GAME! CHANGER!
I’ve since thrown out anything else for the kids + have no intentions of turning back soon.
Give me all the clean, rash-free soft skinned baby boys!!




You’re welcome to¬†enter The Parrish Fam Fave Giveaway we’re¬†running this week with Tubby Todd + Munchkin!! Find details over at instagram on¬†this post.¬†Things wrap up¬†tomorrow, so please let me know if you have any questions. I’m¬†more than¬†happy to help! xx

Nap Time or Bust

IMG_0465-1Bonneville Salt FlatsBonneville Salt Flats Bonneville Salt FlatsIMG_0444-1

Rigg has always been a wonderful sleeper.
But uhhh, not this week.
Between going out of town every weekend / slumbering in Mom + Dad’s bed,
our routine has just been wonky. Nonexistent, really.

Bonneville Salt FlatsIMG_0473-1-3

Jonah saying sorry.
Roo playing hard to get.
A typical scene around here – – – – – – – – – –¬†#hidingmylaughs

loversBonneville Salt FlatsBonneville Salt FlatsBonneville Salt Flats

I guess I could use a little more sleep myself,
because our failure of a nap session on Thursday just about did me in.
We got in the car + drove. Drove, drove, drove the I-80 for many-a-mile.
They were both zonked by the time we hit South Temple.

Bonneville Salt Flatsmom

I’m blaming our¬†Colorado road trip for my¬†“long drive alone” craving.
For whatever reason, it’s so¬†rejuvenating + empowering. Ever tried it?
Maybe I’m just¬†lucky¬†the kids sleep in the car so well. Not really sure!
We pulled over at a rest stop + got our wiggles out. Ended up staying for a good hour!
A little confused how I’ve lived in Utah forever¬†+¬†this nap time compromise
was my very first time visiting this beautiful place. It is seriously breathtaking.
We’ll be seeing you again¬†soon, Bonneville Salt Flats! Nap time failure or not.

General Conference Weekend

LDS General Conference
It’s always fun to be¬†home. Home in my¬†childhood roots.
To see how the boys faces light up when we hang the last right.
To smell the homemade cinnamon rolls.
To hear Bo barking from the pretty brown chair in the front room.
The place where we are always welcomed with a hug
+ farewelled with tears. This place will always be home to me.

General Conference LDSGeneral Conference Weekend
General Conference Weekend

I recently attended a women’s conference¬†called Women Of Light.
I spoke on a panel with three other friends about prayer.
Boy, was I nervous. I felt inadequate.
I pleaded for strength from my Heavenly Father for weeks.
I did my best to get my heart where it needed to be.
The results didn’t come until I had the microphone in my hand.
It was humbling. It was hard. It was raw + I could hardly speak.
I felt a Love from above in the most sincerely soul piercing way.
God loves me. God loves you! HE KNOWS us.
Our faults, our fears, our strengths, our dreams.
I left that retreat a new woman.
These spiritual confirmations were a beautiful segue to General Conference.

   conference weekend

The boys created a couple of Creature + Features tees
+ wore them so proudly the rest of the time.
Pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread.
Fun to watch their personalities really shine through their designs.

Neve and HawkIMG_2791 copyGeneral Conference Weekend

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

LDS General Conference

I remember General Conference lasting for YEAAARSSSS when I was younger. Speaker after speaker, for two whole days. ūüėČ But I didn’t want it to end this time around. I believe it has to do with how much spiritual preparation I’ve been doing + where my heart stood. This talk from Elder Holland, Behold Thy Mother,¬†particularly leaves an impression on¬†me time + time again. Always something new that I need to hear! We’ve been spending a bunch of time in the car lately which has been a golden opportunity to re-listen to Conference¬†snippets on the road. The counsel is priceless. So very grateful for this sweet family of mine, for our loving Church leaders + for a Prophet who guides our lives today.

ROOLEE Turns Two

ROOLEE Turns Two by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place


My little sister, Kylee, owns Roolee Boutique with her husband, Chad.
Only the most darling women’s clothing shop this side of the MISSISSIPPI.
We¬†recently¬†celebrated¬†their store’s second birthday + my sister pride¬†is of the chizzzain.
O B V I O U S L Y.
What a fun event! If anyone knows how to throw a party, It’s Kylee. Or mostly my mom ūüôā


ROOLEE Turns Two by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place ROOLEE Turns Two by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place
You’ll hear me say it often — my sisters are my very best friends.
And our sweet¬†Mother. She’s the salt of the earth, I kid you not.
Putting our brains together in the fashion world has been
one of my favorite adventures. A creative outlet that I have really enjoyed.

ROOLEE Turns Two by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place Roolee Boutique

Mom taught us¬†that true confidence doesn’t come from what we wear.
This is something that I hope my children will teach their own kids one day,
because it has made an impact on my life. I believe it 100%.
It’s important to figure out exactly who you¬†are, what your standards are,
+ to implement those beliefs into your wardrobe accordingly.
Shine, just the way you are!

ROOLEE Turns Two by Ginger Parrish from The Parrish Place

Happy Birthday, Roolee! Lots of exciting things on your horizon.
I’m proud of you, I believe in you + I support you with my whole heart!

Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters

Have you seen the #parrishfamfave giveaway happening on our Instagram¬†this week? Fun to partner with such credible companies that we believe in through + through. Our Micro scooters¬†have survived three years with our energetic fam + we use them pretty much every day. That’s saying something in itself with the energy Jonah + Rigg have pumping through their veins. If you’ve ever met me in person, chances are I’ve ranted + raved over our Nutcase helmets!¬†THE KIDS CAN DO THEM UP AND TAKE THEM OFF THEMSELVES. Pretty sure I sell¬†at least one lucky Mom at the park every Tuesday. Haha no shame in making-mom-life-easier game!


Rigg side stepping on the curb? Jonah pretending he’s¬†Justin Bieber (as per usual) on his scooter? Grey knocking over all the bowling pins? My kids loving Jessie like she’s their own mom? Nicole knocked it out of the park with these memories. We’ll cherish them forever.

‘Twas the day before Preschool

gparrish Preschool

And all through the house РРРРРthe emotions were stirring, but mom was quiet as a mouse.

Gparrish Preschool

I could have sworn preschool started today.¬†But it didn’t. Sooooo that’s not embarassing at all. The first day is tomorrow. #MOMBRAIN #FRIEDBRAIN¬†I¬†think God just knew we really needed a practice round before the real thing.

Gparrish PreschoolGparrish Preschool

We need¬†to get caught up on all of our immunizations for school so after¬†I broke the news to Jonah about his first day¬†being¬†tomorrow, we set off for the Doctors office. He¬†ran to the costume box before we left + found this cape “to help me be brave, Mom.” Queue¬†the tears. My emotions have been¬†alllll over the charts. He turned four yesterday¬†+ Wam-Bam-Holy-Crap-Ma’am, it feels like he morphed into an adult as well.¬†Will¬†our “day before preschool really starts” escapade¬†make it to¬†the sweet or the sour list this week?! My jury is still out.

Gparrish PreschoolGparrish

Ready or not, Preschool life, The Parrish’s¬†are coming in hot tomorrow morning!

In Midway for Labor Day

MIDWAY GPARRISHGparrish MidwayGparrish Midwaygparrish

Team Stunna-Shades

BABIATORS FOR TODDLERGparrish MidwayGparrish Midwaymorgan parrish Midway GparrishGparrish MidwayGparrish MidwayGparrish MidwayGparrish Midway Labor DayGparrish MidwayGparrish MidwayMIDWAY GPARRISHGparrish MidwaygparrishGparrish MidwayMidway gparrishGparrish Midway

Spending our long Labor Day weekend up in Midway: ¬†far away from our everyday element with the ones we love. We’ve got a big fourth birthday to celebrate, Kan Jam to win, treats to eat, Swiss Days to attend, a boat¬†to wakeboard behind, Starburst to roast + a whole lotta’ laughs in between. There’s¬†never a dull moment when the whole clan gets together. Grammy + Grumpy are the best hosts around!

Gparrish MidwayMIDWAY GPARRISH MIDWAY GPARRISHGparrish MidwayMIDWAY GPARRISHGparrish MidwayGparrish MidwayMIDWAY gparrish
Can you believe Jonah starts preschool¬†next week?! ¬†(insert jaw dropping emoji here) We are cherishing every last drop of this summertime freedom + life as we’ve always known it, while we still can. ¬†J is more than ready + I have a couple more days to get there.


Motherhood with Petunia Pickle Bottom

Petunia Pickle Bottom Petunia Pickle Bottomppb sbuggs

Narrowing down one¬†quote that I adhere to in¬†motherhood for Petunia Pickle Bottom was a bit daunting. But alas, I did it. I also described a typical day in our life that¬†you’re welcome to read¬†about over on their site¬†or their Steller Account!¬†PPB is a brand that I believe in. They are more than just a pretty diaper bag. They are honest, hard-working¬†friends¬†who value relationships + know exactly what they are doing. Or so it appears to me ūüôā They fight for the underdog, care about the little details, go the extra mile + genuinely treat each¬†customer¬†as an individual. I have personally felt this love + will never forget¬†saving up my pennies before Jonah was born to splurge on my first Cake bag!¬†After detoxing our entire house over the weekend, that bag is the one I will be keeping around for a very long time.

ppb PPBxPlayground-recoveryPetunia Pickle Bottom Gparrish

Hope you’ve had ¬†a wonderful week. xx

Petunia Pickle Bottom PPB GPARRISH Petunia Pickle Bottom

GINGER:   Boots |  Overalls  | Texture Tee  |  Diaper Bag
JONAH:   Yellow Shorts  |  Suspenders  |  Shirt  | Loafers
RIGGINS:  Navy Joggers | Denim Top | Shoes

Taking one for the team

motocrossss flagsMotocross

Scooby snacks, mustaches, sunscreen, hot-n-ready pepperoni pizza WITH bread + a whole bunch of oohhhh’s and awwhhhh’s came from our section of the Motocross bleachers. We rushed back the day after Mo + Tyler’s wedding to watch the finals out at the LHM Sports Park. It was approximately 119 degrees. Or so it felt that way. But I couldn’t help but think to myself how far I’ve come in this boy mom gig. I always envisioned myself with a gaggle of girls, but these “boy” times¬†with my¬†crew¬†mean everything to me now. I wouldn’t change what we are, or the hand we’ve been dealt for anything else. Well, until they are the ones out there driving the motorcycles. Then you better re-ask me that question. ūüôā


Our Rock Collection

IMG_1897 copy-1-2Painted RocksPainted Rocks

|| BUILD A ROCK COLLECTION || is one bucket list activity that we have been working on all¬†summer. I have been gone¬†to Market in Vegas for the last few days + while I was away, Jon¬†built¬†the kids a “golf ball wash”. I haven’t stopped hearing about it since I got home. I guess they rounded up all of the golf balls they could find, colored them with markers until I’m sure their hands were brighter than any of the balls, +¬†put them all through a “golf ball wash” that they built themselves. Cool dad award? I vote yes! Since then, they have continued to¬†put everything through their new wash bowl. A grape wash, block wash, bike wash, toothbrush wash, rock wash – – – etc. Jonah learned yesterday that a rock wash¬†doesn’t quite work the same¬†when you go¬†to wash off the paint.

Painted RocksPainted RocksPainted RocksPainted Rocks

But yesterday as I was being introduced to our newest rock members (that were collected while I was gone)¬†Jonah¬†timidly asked me, “Mom, can I¬†share my rocks¬†with my¬†friend?”¬†Keep in mind this is the rock stockpile that Riggins isn’t allowed to come within ten feet of.¬†When either of my kids¬†have a charitable thought, instead of letting myself interfere, I try really hard to let them run with it. It doesn’t matter that I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen, had just finished¬†scrubbing the marker off the living room cabinet or hid the markers + paints on top of the fridge out of sight out of reach, FOREVER!! ūüėČ Easier said than done. He noticed a¬†sliver of sadness in his friend on Sunday + believed¬†that sharing his rocks¬†would help him¬†feel better. J picked out a handful¬†his “smoothest” rocks¬†+ painted them¬†until they were just right. If you know Jonah, you also know how indecisive he is. This task was not taken lightly, but he did it! He also picked the plate to put them on. I’m so proud of him. He held them out in front of him so incredibly still as we drove to deliver them. The look on his face, his soft sentiment, the way he skipped back to the car afterwards, when¬†he told Riggins he loved him, how genuinely he asked me if I had a friend I should take¬†some¬†rocks to. Worth the mess? Worth the stress? Absolutely. He taught me a big lesson yesterday. He always teaches me lessons.


Roo turns Two


At Seven Peaks Waterpark!!

Roo turns two Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday PartySeven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party

The forecast on Riggins’s birthday was not very pretty. We drove from our house to Seven Peaks in a flash flood with hopes that the sun would pull through as promised on the weather app. Rigg was zonked out by the time we got to the freeway. Jon carried all the decorations to set up while I let Rigg sleep for an extra minute (and paint my toenails) + watched it start to hail. Hail, really? HAIL. There aren’t very many weekend left in summer to reschedule it for, so as long as they weren’t going to close the pools for lightening, the party was going on РРРrain or shine! AND it did. Rigg woke up, the sun shined extra bright, I smeared nine out of ten of my toenails + we pretty much had Seven Peaks all to ourselves.

Seven Peaks Birthday PartySeven Peaks Birthday Party
Seven Peaks BIrthday Party
grandmagrandpaSeven Peaks Birthday PartySeven Peaks Birthday Party
Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party

Ever since we snagged our Pass of All Passes at Seven Peaks on the 24th of July, we’ve spent a big chunk of our time there.¬†We have seriously¬†enjoyed it! ¬†But being able to go there with more of our favorite people + celebrate all things Riggins just sealed the deal for us – – – Seven Peaks is the best discovery we’ve made for summer of 2015! Jonah has been begging¬†to have his birthday party there too + I don’t blame him for a second.

Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday PartySEVEN PEAKS Birthday PartySeven Peaks Birthday Party


Rigg’s element — swimming pool, a place to run around, family, donuts, yellow, creamies + hulk smash.¬†Seven Peaks just made sense. I have a tendancy to go over the top on birthday’s, but we kept things super simple for his party this year. Soda pop¬†+ pizza from the snack shack, donuts from Branbury Cross + a little¬†goodie bag filled with Rigg’s favorite things for his pals. {silly string, ice cream popper top thing-a-ma-bobs, nerds, crayons + a picture from jonah}

SEVEN PEAKS Birthday Party

Jonah trying out Rigg’s new duds. HULK SMASHHHHH forever. Chad’s such a good sport.

SEVEN PEAKS Birthday PartySeven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party IMG_0829hazeIMG_1028 copy

Each guest got a tube + each family a can of silly string. The water on the blue slide was FREEEEEEEEEZZZZZING, but the wave pool made up for it! Rigg got the hiccups during our silly string war. Hulk with hiccups, you do the math! ūüôā Cutest little grunts of my life!

Seven Peaks Birthday PartySeven Peaks Birthday Party

My friend Beth painted this portrait of Roo. Can you even believe it?! I mean, she even nailed the way he slunches over his shoulders just right. ¬†I can barely draw a legible stick figure in Primary for hang man. This portrait means the world to me. I can’t look at it without crying. I’ll always be able to look back on Rigg’s little mannerisms with such fondness + remember¬†the way he¬†squealed¬†“Das a Riggy! Das A Riggy!!!!!” each time he saw it.

Seven Peaks Birthday PartySeven Peaks Birthday Party Seven Peaks Birthday Party

Neat to be loved by such helpful, supportive people who love our kids as much as we do. I’ve always believed that motherhood takes a village, but I also believe that birthday parties take a village – – – plus one. Kidding. Kind of. Kind of not! Happy Birthday Rooster Boy! You are very very loved!



Lemonade LemonadeLemonade Lemonade LemonadeLemonadeLemonadeLemonadeLemonade


SWEETS: mo‚Äôs wedding | rigg‚Äôs birthday party at seven peaks | peach season | birthday lunch at a new park after we picked jon up from work + scouted out a new park | mom coming to pick us up from logan + piling all of us in the car #cantbreathe #weddingprep | jonah conquering training wheels | real soccer game | sunday dinner in heber | wedding errands with mo | exploring our happy heart kid boxes with grandma | old family videos | matching sister jammies the night before the wedding | roolee photoshoots when hiccups are involved | surprise snail mail from new mexico | ring‚Äôs growl when he puts on his smash mask | motocross national championship | puddle jumping in the driveway | ring climbing in to our bed during the thunderstorm ‚Äúsweep, daddy?‚ÄĚ | riggins belly laughing after he popped every yellow ballon with the tip of a pen. not kidding, every single balloon | a case of peaches from brigham city | facetime with milo | matching sister/mom jammies for mo‚Äôs last night #whoneedssleep | happening upon the caitlin wilson pop up shop at jolley‚Äôs. that girl has such a big heart with the most impeccable taste |¬†father‚Äôs blessings | jonah singing a child‚Äôs prayer before he goes to sleep

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS: the boys sneaking their baseballs to church | rigg’s runny nose that he smears on his cheek every other second | getting out of bed to turn off the light | miss parrish’s summer break is officially over | strawberry stains on white tees | language at the RSL game | thunderstorms that won’t let you fall to sleep | starting to go through my recovered pictures from peru #holyhotmess (but this still qualifies as a sweet because THEY WERE SAVED after being completely lost)  creepy city friend requests on facebook | preschool wait list | deadlines | bloodshot eyes for mo on her wedding day #sleepwhat | whining | sleeping with sunburnt shoulders 

The Proposal

The ProposalThe Proposal IMG_5455 copy-1The Proposal The Proposal IMG_5451-1The ProposalMAMAThe ProposalThe Proposal IMG_5526 copyThe Proposal

Come Friday, no more Webb’s will be left on the market!
I couldn’t have hand¬†selected¬†better men¬†for my sisters to marry or a wife for my brother.
I’m such a bawl baby. My family really is my greatest joy in life.
These siblings of mine are my very best friends.
Seeing them this happy + making good choices is such a joy for me.
I’m going to keep nagging my mom to write a book,
because whatever she did, she did it right!! 
Bring on¬†our¬†final wedding + bring on the baby cousins!! ūüėČ

Peace out, Training Wheels

IMG_1404-1snuggles-1pushbydadIMG_1397-1IMG_1389-1SEVENPEAKS (1 of 1)HE DID IT!!

Last night after FHE Jon took the training wheels off of Jonah’s bike.
He caught the hang of it three tries. THREE!
Might sound like I’m bragging — that’s because I am.
J’s¬†ability to pick up new things so quickly truly amazes me.
He is motivated, dedicated + pretty sure he’s more athletic than I am.
The smile on his face was absolutely priceless + I never want to forget it.
We are so proud of you buddy!


Some of my very¬†fondest dating memories with Jon are the road trip adventures¬†that we went on together. We racked up many-a-mile in the car +¬†I still don’t look at grey Mazda 3’s with a hatchback the same. This was when¬†we really opened up about our feelings for each other. Where we shared our fears, our testimony’s, created a new¬†bucket list together (which was a big deal for me) + even broke up once or twice. I don’t remember a truly comfortable silence that existed with a guy in my life before I met Jon. That quiet content¬†companionship really broke down walls + let¬†me to get to know his heart on a deeper level. I remember one time on the way back from St. George I was laughing so hard¬†my coconut Slurpee came back out my nose. He would never fire away the questions¬†about our relationship when I wanted them the most, but holy crap he’s always, ALWAYS made me laugh.¬†beverly hills

With the¬†little guys¬†in our¬†picture now, car rides that last longer than about three hours¬†are not¬†quite¬†as appealing as they used to be. If you know what I mean. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed this alone time in the car with Jon. Until last weekend when we packed a quick bag together at the last minute + drove¬†through the night, rather than hopped on a plane to California. Best idea we’ve had in a long time! We missed Jonah + Rigg¬†like mad, but the second we hit the freeway, we¬†turned up the tunes, bought a couple extra treats at the¬†gas station + the memories came flooding in.¬†Go ahead + roll your eyes at me, but I still¬†have no clue how I talked this guy¬†in to marrying me.¬†I mean, I woke up a baseball pitch¬†outside of California to him free style rapping as loud as humanly possible about sunflower seeds with Ratatat. Enough said.

beverly hills

We spent one day in Beverly Hills after we realized we needed to be in Vegas for a trade show. What a whirl wind! Pretty much a huge¬†blessing in disguise that we decided to drive rather than fly. Never a dull moment with this fellow. Back on the 4th of July, we¬†had an epic fail of a handoff with my camera on the driveway. I’m still not ready¬†talk about it, but unfortunately it’s still getting fixed so we weren’t able to¬†bring it with us. CRAPPY! We shared our trusty cell phone cameras on our¬†trip instead.

beverly hills

We ran through the parking lot at 2:30 in the morning, switched hotels every night on purpose, averaged three shows a day + tried to face-time the boys every couple of hours. Jon melted the same Skor bar in the car over + over, but somehow revived it with the air conditioner each time. I dropped his huge freaking gas station soda on the dairy queen register, took a selfie in any bathroom mirror I passed + forgot to bring my toothbrush.

beverly hills

First rule or Road Trip: You do not talk about Road Trip.
Second rule or Road Trip: You do not talk about Road Trip.

beverly hills

Still¬†bummed the scheduling didn’t meet up with Greg + Britt in Vegas, or Ash + Mark in LA — but we certainly ate¬†our way through both states in their honor.

anniversary 5 JPEG image-3BE7451A6A10-1JPEG image-22177A7EF3B2-1

Cheers to five years, sweet love of mine¬†– – –¬†we’ve got¬†a million¬†more to go + I can’t


What baby?!

Gift guide for two year old

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6 

Holy crap, batman. Our baby is TWO!!!! ¬†Lots has changed since his first fiesta, but I’m still in denial that he’s a whole year older. Little¬†sweetie¬†is laid back + easy to please, I love how tenderhearted he is.¬†He wants his own “scoooootuh” + a¬†baseball — I’m all HEY, I can handle that! Throwing in the¬†magnetic blocks¬†he eyes every time we go over to the cox’s with a fun pair of superman jams from Jonah + we are set! ¬†When Roo dive-bombed into the balloons on the floor of his bedroom without blinking an eye this morning,¬†we laughed our way to tears. I will never forget it! EVER!¬†We are headed to Seven Peaks to celebrate with our people tomorrow —¬†I can already picture¬†his face lighting up the way¬†it does when he gets really excited. Are birthday’s the best thing around or what?!

Rigg Smash

two year old gift guide thor


pusherhulkYELLOW. (Pronounced¬†yeh-yoh) is your favorite color. We blew up as many yellow balloons as we could without passing out after you fell¬†asleep¬†+ hid a few treats around your¬†room tonight. We’ve only had bunkbeds for a couple of months, but you rock the top bunk like you’ve done it all your life. Most of your energy is saved for the ones you love the very most, which is something I really admire about¬†you. You say hi to everyone you see, but when someone says hello to you first, you hesitate. You are teaching mama to do the same + are a¬†constant reminder that a simple life, is a beautiful life.¬†You watch Jonah’s every move + are the¬†peacemaker in our home. You do what you’re told, love your dad, your grandpa + hulk smash more than anyone else. You’re happy. You’re easy to love. You still sleep in like a teenager + when you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll officially be a two year old.

Cheers to Five


Five years has come + gone in the blink of an eye.
There is no one in this life I would rather be loving more than you.
No one I would rather sit beside on the kitchen counter to watch eat cereal at 11 pm.
No one I would rather track on my phone with the kids to see exactly
when you’re going pull in the driveway after work each night.
No one I would rather travel the world with.
No one I would rather start a new business with.
No one I would rather cry with, laugh with, drive with or rap with.
No one I would rather be loved by than you.
THANK YOU for giving me a life worth living + loving me for who I am.


Happy Anniversary, my love.
Here’s to the rest of eternity with you¬†by my¬†side.




Milo in the City




Lo all snuggled up tight in her yellow Solly Wrap? Melt me. Love these best friends of mine with my whole heart.



CapitolSolly Baby WrapUTAH STATE CAPITAL


Solly Baby WrapCaptiol

These pictures are from Milo + Ky’s first trip to visit us. We strolled around The Capitol¬†a time or two or three or four. The blossoms were in full bloom + the boys scootered¬†up ahead while we¬†relished in the joys¬†motherhood. Together. As sisters. For the first time. With our OWN children.¬†These days right here are the ones¬†we always “played”¬†growing up.

Weekly Lemonade

JPEG image-54CF45630592-1GPARRISH LemonadeGPARRISH LemonadeGparrish Lemonade Gparrish Lemonade gparrish lemonadeJPEG image-0AA17A9E49B9-1gparrish lemonadegparrish lemonadeGparrish Lemonade ¬† SWEETS: the pennington’s | surprise visit from dan + mom + ky + milo | liberty park baseball playing, cartwheels + skateboard watching while jonboy¬†was at church meetings ¬†| pioneer day celebrations | roolee giveaway for volcano candle + $50 giftcard | no instagram¬†on sundays | seven peaks | airborne | bees game + fireworks | anthro dressing room | rigg smashing popits with his feet¬†| snapchat from old college roomies | meeting jon for lunch | jonah asking to take pictures of me | zupas for family night | jonah learning to write letters on his white board then delivering them to people | whoopie cushion from the dollar store | rigg running to the bathroom “fast, fast, fast” | madagascar dance moves | jonah paying rigg “eight bucks” to give him back his baseball bat | kan jam | breakfast at Eva’s with the Jones + the pennington clans | sneaking a peek at the PPB fall 2015 bag designs | dodgeball with the red headed superstar

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 


SOURS: missing the ferris wheel by about four minutes at liberty park | not being able to synchronize on the trampoline with jessie + erica. #crylaugh | rigg finding my lipstick + coming around the corner looking like the joker. yes we made him say “why so seriousss” before we washed it off | jonah’s glue falling off from his chin being split open | having to be 5 years old to take the break dancing class | losing car key + taking FOREVER to get it to start with the wrong key | library book fines | cracking my phone even worse than it already was from when I dropped it at the zoo | pennington’s going back home

Pioneer Day Shenanigans

Seven Peaks SLC Seven Peaks SLC Seven Peaks SLC stripesSLOANEY

Back in January we went to New Mexico to visit the Pennington’s for the first time.¬†Such treasured memories we have¬†together. Much¬†NEEDED time away from the world for me.¬†I took a good 30 gb of¬†pictures while we were there + reflect on the conversations that took place often.¬†The memory card from my camera went missing¬†a week or so¬†after we got home + I have still yet to find it. They are here visiting for the weekend + I’m not about¬†to let that happen to our pictures this time around! I haven’t been to Seven Peaks since 7th grade (used to be Raging Waters) so we decided to give it a whirl yesterday! Have you ever been? SUCH.A.BLAST. The boys couldn’t get enough.

Seven Peaks SLC Seven Peaks SLCmomlifeJanuary was the turning point for a really sour phase I hit with social media. But I believe that these faith shaking hardships remind us of two things:

1. How strong we are.

2. How loved we are.

Seven Peaks Jessie is one of the wittiest, prettiest, most hilarious GOOD time people I know. But besides a good time all the time + having the best style around, she believes in me.¬†She supports me in my successes + hurts when I hurt. She helped pick me up off the ground when I didn’t think my heart could break any deeper + didn’t one time make me feel like I was a burden. You need that in a friend, you know? True friends make motherhood a little less stressful + build you up to feel a lot more glamorous than you really are. I will love instagram forever + ever for bringing this incredible family¬†in to our¬†lives.

Puj towels

^ ^ ¬†His little hand on Rigg’s¬†back?! BROTHERS rule my world. ^ ^

Seven Peaks SLC


seven peaksPuj Towels

A while back I saw a family with¬†hooded towels to the pool. Like the bath tub kind. I nudged Jon + told him we needed to remember to do this next time! Especially after Jonah fell down the steps outside of the pool last weekend because his beach towel was about seven times too long. He tripped over the bottom of it + sliced his chin open real good. First trip to the emergency room for us.¬†Take a mental note mama’s — hooded towels to the swimming pool! ALWAYS! It’s one of the best mom hacks I’ve seen¬†in a long time. Thank me later. Or maybe everyone already does it? Haha I might be waaaaay behind the times here¬†I don’t even know.

Seven Peaks SLC Seven Peaks Real quick, because these towels went through the ringer today + held up like¬†I didn’t expect, I’ll expound on them a little. PUJ! Are you familiar with this brand? I had a good friend¬†post about these specific towels on instagram¬†not too long ago + I was intrigued!¬†The hype is now solidified in my mind after using them myself. They are available on their site or you can also find¬†them¬†on Amazon. Or do a quick @pujbaby¬†instagram search for a bunch of reviews. I love that¬†the clip on the outside of the hood was made under the intention¬†of reminding kids to¬†hang them back up after they are done in the bathtub. The conscience¬†design to¬†wrap around their little shoulders with hand pockets (Hence: Big Hug) in the corners go to show how much love was put into this product. Kinda neat!¬†Puj Big HugPuj Big HugSeven Peaks SLC Seven Peaks jessiepSeven Peaks SLOANEY
Now if we could just talk the Pennington’s in to staying for a few more days, we’d be set — the party is just getting started around here!

Seven Peaks SLC


You’ve won us over, Seven Peaks. Maybe a new Pioneer Day tradition? The boys had a blast, we will be back again soon! I’m sure of it!


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