IMG_7261Traveling around Europe.
Missing our big brothers.
Looking for a new house.
Teaching manners over + over + over + over.
Studying the art of self-tanning.
Watching this is us. J A C K!!!!!!
Cultivating genuine friendships.
Fighting coughs + runny noses.
Reading “For the Love – Fighting for Grace”.
Going to bed earlier.
Ultimately just trying to be a good mom + a good person.

tap tap — is this thing on?

Do I even remember how to do this? Guess we’re about to find out aren’t we.


Someone told me once blogging is like paying tithing. You can’t back-date or you’ll never pay it. It’s too overwhelming. Just start from the day your on + go forward. So here I am — stuck with lots to catch up on around these parts, but leaving my excuses at the door.  It feels good to be back.


We’ve been busy swapping around priorities, finding our footing since becoming outnumbered by our kids + enjoying the fleeting moments with sweet Jack! He makes life special. It’s kinda hard to even remember what it was like without him around.


Jonah is now 5 (5 AND a HALF, if you ask him) Roo is 3. They are growing boys who love to PLAY. The Solly Wrap has been my saving grace this time around. I have used it more with Jack than I did with the big brothers combined. I shared how the crap I get out the door without losing my marbles, over on their blog a little while ago. HERE is the link, if you’d like to read it.


Love these sweet boys (+ their dad) more than anything else. Including photos. I love photos so much lately. They really help me see my life exactly how it is, with the stress removed? Can’t really explain it, but they mean so much to me. My friend LACI DAVIS snapped these shots for us one afternoon + I’ll cherish them forever. xx