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May 30, 2016 | Family

Jonah finished preschool Thursday.
We camped Friday – Saturday.
Biked around Park City after church on Sunday.
We are off to hopefully find a camper trailer today.
All signs pointing to one thing:
Summer has officially BEGUN! Hot diggety Y E S!

IMG_5558 copy

Growing up we went for family bike rides on Sunday evenings. The whole family. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 of us in a row. Most likely fighting over who got to be the leader. Implementing the same tradition with my own kids brings my heart so much nostalgic joy! We’ve been stoked on our new Brilliant Bicycles around here. Little Roo is even learning to keep right up with us. If only my Mom would have kept our blue Cookie Monster bike attachement seat that I rode in as baby, we’d be set. It attached right to the back of my Dad’s bike, I remember it so vividly. We’re going to need that thing big time come July! :)

brilliant IMG_5602bwtrees

We can fit all of our bikes right in the back of the Mini when we put the seats down! Makes it easy for me to transport bikes alone during the day without putting me into labor, or needing Jon’s help to get them to the top of the bike rack like we had previously. I mentioned that the boys aren’t into TV anymore, but did I also mention that riding their bikes has taken its place ten fold? They live for it! We don’t leave the house very often without them in tow.

IMG_5507 copytrailsIMG_5502 copy

McPolin Farm is one of our favorite Sunday activities. McPolin is the famous white barn in Park City with the huge flag that you see a million pictures of around the 4th of July. Ringing a bell? Here is the address if you want to check it out. Park across the street to the east, then walk under the highway (using the underground tunnel) + choose your trail from there! Such a breathtaking bike path that begins right in front of it, as well as a handful of mountain biking trails to hit up from that point. Add it to your bucket list this summer! It’s incredible any time of the year, but you especially won’t want to miss it during July when the GINORMOUS flag is flying high!  IMG_5490 copyhelpershappiness

As per usual, all of our Helmets are NUTCASE. Some companies just have it figured OUT, you know? The kids can put them on or take them off by themselves with absolutely no pinching!!! GAME CHANGER! Worth every penny.

IMG_5475 copyIMG_5524 copy

Can I toot BRILLIANT BICYCLE  horn for just a second? Not only is their website the sleekest of the sleek + easy to navigate, their customer service is off the charts. My road bike got stollen last summer + we have been on the hunt for new bikes ever since. We went with Brilliant + haven’t lived a day of regret. Affordable. Simplistic. STURDY. Cute! Need I say more? From the packaging they show up on the doorstep in, to the leather detailing in the seats + handle bars, the playlist that they created for us to blast while assembling the bikes, it’s all quite the experience. They’ve made thorough how to videos plus included alllll the tools you’ll ever need to assemble or tighten anything on the bike. A company after my own heart for hitting the smallest of details RIGHT on the head. Clearly can’t say enough good. Let me know if you have any specific questions in regards to any of it, happy to give two more cents if it’s needed! We are patiently waiting for the Astor to come back in stock for Jon.

IMG_5646 copy

We went to visit our sweet family in the cemetery up north last weekend with Grandma + Grandpa Webb. I’ll be sharing pictures from then when I get another minute of free time. But for now, Happy Memorial Day, friends! xx

Brilliant is kindly offering Parrish friends a discount!
So if you’re in the market for a new bike at all, be sure to apply the following codes at checkout:

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