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A very happy birthday morning with our number one! Jonboy took work off for the day + we filled it to the brim with all of his favorites.

Jon grew up with Junk Food Birthday Breakfast In Bed + it’s been a treat to implement the same tradition with our kiddos! Jonah carried the candle-lit plate into the bedroom for the first time + I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me want to cry. I love how much they love their dad!! Jonah ate the strawberries, Rigg downed the peach-o rings, Jon inhaled the ice-cream waffles, I ate all the raspberries + we still had plenty to go around. Calling this year a whopping success.


Jon + Jonah went to golf a quick round of 9 while Rigg + I got the house into shape, then we met up with Grandma, Grandpa + Cody’s family at Lagoon. I’m so impressed with the kiddie section upgrades they have made at the park! The boys could have stayed alllllllll day. We did stay all day, but you know’msayin?  About time for us to invest in Season Passes. My sweet friend Mary told me last night that you can get them for a steal on Black Friday! Awesome!!! We’re hoping to snag a few then.


I didn’t ride many rides at Lagoon, but I did manage to squish my way into Jon’s jeep on the MOAB ride next to the whales + we almost got stuck in there for good. Hilariously awesome!! Especially waiting for the attendant to unlock our seatbelts verrry last. Hearing our kids laugh behind us? Absolutely priceless. You won’t find a more dedicated father + husband than Jonboy. He’s humble, patient + just an all around good to the core kind of human! He doesn’t really like like lime-light, so it was fun to celebrate him for the entire day. Love you sweets! xx

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May 30, 2016 | Family

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Jonah finished preschool Thursday. We camped Friday - Saturday, biked Park City after church on Sunday + now we are off to hopefully (fingers crossed) find a camper today. More time outside than inside?? All signs pointing to one thang: Summer has officially BEGUN! Growing up we went for family bike rides on Sunday evenings. The whole family. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 of us in a…

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When we launched our hat company back in November, the work / mom life balance reallllly rocked my world. I couldn't handle it all + had days where I felt like I'm dropping every hat I'm trying to wear. I still do. I've never been super structured with schedule, but as I've hunkered down intentionally, I've discovered that our slow…

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DAD  IS  HOME and we are all still breathing.  IT'S A M I R A C L E!!! I forgot my phone at home when we went to pick Jonboy up at the airport this morning, sooo that was hilariously awkward + ridiculous. He called another ride because he could "see" we were still home + assumed we had forgotten him. As…

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If you know Jon, you know that The Drive Inn is his absolute favorite summa time outing. (SAVE camping) We went to our first show last weekend + you couldn't have wiped the smile off his face had you tried to. Snagged a Hot-N-Ready on the way out + got there early for a good parking spot. Win win! The…

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