Denim for the Family

Marks + Spencer is becoming my go to for staple family items. You remember Rigg’s snowsuit? I feel like I’ve told over half of the mountain where to buy it by now. 🙂

The weather has been a dream + we’ve been spending lots of time
at the Castle Park.

women’s jeans | boy’s jeans

Here is the address for those wanting to go explore:
1105 Nicholls Rd, Fruit Heights, UT 84037
Take the trail down below the park + let the kids run freeeeee! I hear it’s absolutely insaaaane in the fall when the trees are exploding with colors.

We finally took Jon + he’s as determined as I am to
re-create this environment in our new backyard.
We made sure to find a lot with lots of overgrown trees + this hideaway makes me giddy!!

I’m a fan of skinny jeans on boys.
THe boys seem to agree, because the one time I ordered Jonah some straight (not skinny) jeans, he thought they were girls pants. Hahahha.
Here are a few favorites that we have ordred:


M&S is running a Friends + Family 20% off promotion Feb 15 – 19.
Now is your time to stock up, or try Marks for the first time! Be prepared to be blown away by how quick their shipping is!!

Women’s Sweater |  Women’s Jeans | Jonah Jacket 

This post was in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shoppinglinks



video created by Brett over at Modular Video Productions 

After pouring over your hashtags for days + trying to come up with something witty on my own, we are keeping simple.
Everyone makes a big deal out of little things like hashtags for building a home, right?! STOP IT, GP.
Had to get every other possibility out on the table, then bring it right back home.
It just feels right.  🙂 Thanks for your help guys!
We’ve combined forces with Hyrum Bates + I cry happy tears after pretty much every appointment each week. I can’t wait for you to meet him!
We’ve already learned so much + although I’ve been hesitating
to put this first video out there into the world for whatever reason,
We’re excited to invite you all along for our custom home building process + as always, we are so happy you’re here!